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New Section - 100 years Balkan Wars
Monday, 20 Aug 2012 - Historical Museum

On the verge of the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balkan wars (1912-1913), Department of History of Regional Historical Museum Burgas started a [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&lang=en&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars]new section called "100 years Balkan Wars"[/url]. Every week, short materials with interesting facts about the heroes and events of the Balkan wars, will be published on our website.

The first story will take you to the battlefield of the [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&lang=en&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=116]bloodiest battle in the entire Balkan war, the attack Luleburgaz - Bunarhisar[/url], recounting the [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&lang=en&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=116]heroism of Corporal Ivan Nedelchev Arabadzhiev[/url].

The second article offers further look in to [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&lang=en&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=118]the problems of the war on a local level, mobilization of the population and its aftermath in Burgas municipality, where already ran intensive industrialization.[/url]

3. [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=119&lang=en]The role of Macedonian-Adrianopolitan Volunteer Corps in the Balkan War[/url] and its special importance for the region of Burgas - [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=119&lang=en]"Macedonian-Adrianopolitan Volunteer Corps Society - Burgas"[/url]

4. [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=122]Balkan War 1912 - Baptism by Fire for the Bulgarian Navy and the Attack of "Druzki"[/url]

5. [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=124]Michael Zelkov, a Burgas publicist and patriot in the Macedonian military Governorate during the Balkan War[/url]

6. [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=hist&page=encyc&enc=balkanwars&eid=125]24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment in the Balkan wars 1912 - 1913[/url]
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