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Friday, 02 Apr 2010 - Ethnographical Museum
On 25 March, 17:00 in the Ethnographic exposition was opened an exhibition under the name "WOMEN OF BURGAS DURING THE 30s AND 40s OF THE 20th CENTURY". In the evening of the Christian holiday Annunciation, the atmosphere in Brakalov’s house turned very lively. In the central hall gathered a lot of people from different ages and backgrounds, but united by their devotion to Burgas, on the sense of belonging to a community - the citizens of Burgas. Official guests were Yordanka Ananieva - Deputy Mayor of Burgas, Sonia Georgieva - Chairman of the municipal committee on culture, education and religion, Malina Popovska - Director of Budget and Finance in the Municipality.
Sonia Kehlibareva told the fascinating story of two famous talented women born in the early twentieth century - Dora Popova - actress and dancer, and the artist Alexandra Mechkuevska. The event was attended by the daughter of Dora Popova - Vesselina Vishnyakova, who has lent for the exhibition the original fan and scarf from heavy silk of her mother, which she used whist dancing at the popular Parisian music hall Folies Bergère.
Already at the beginning of the 20th century Burgas was an open, cosmopolitan city with European spirit and so were the women of Burgas - extraordinarily beautiful, different, modern and liberal. It was a great challenge to create a summary image outlining the spiritual tension of the period with the help of everyday objects. Therefore, we present the women of Burgas in two aspects: on one hand the regular girls, brides, wives and on the other hand - the famous, strong personalities conquered the wide world. We tried to give light in every aspect of the Burgas’ women lived in an economically stable period when people felt safe, more relaxed and confident.
The idea of this exhibition is to awake the public’s interest in the urban culture of Burgas and the desire of people to contribute for the preservation and presentation. Days before the exhibition opening the first donators came to museum and the fund of Regional Burgas Museum was enriched with a wedding veil and an engagement pouch from the beginning of the 20th century, as well as an elegant corset and numerous photographs of the time period.
The exhibition takes place in partnership with Burgas Municipality and our media partner “Factor”.
If You would like to submit photos, cards, accessories and other belongings of historical and cultural importance, Please, consult Yourselves with the curators of Ethnographical Museum Burgas on tel: +359 56 84 25 87 or +359 56 84 25 82

Rosica Topalova
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