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Happy and cheerful Trifon Zarezan!
Thursday, 31 Jan 2013 - Ethnographical Museum

February1st (or 14 February Old Style) is the day of Trifon Zarezan, wineries and winegrowers. The background of this holiday is associated with celebrations in honour of Dionysus – Thracian and Old Greek god of wine and revelry.

On this day we honour Saint Trifon. People believe that with his blessing the vineyards become fertile. So when the people gather on this day, the viticulturists (vine-growers) ritually look around for him and invite him to come to their vineyards. Then they utter incantations to be born so many grapes so even the saint himself can hide from their sight.

"- Hey Trifon, where are you, we do not see you?
- I can’t be seen from black and white grapes!"

On Trifon Zarezan grape vines are being pruned. Trimming of the grape everyone starts on their own. Viticulturist turns east, crosses himself and cut a few sticks. Then some wine is poured over the cut place and a call for prosperity is uttered. The men decorate with grape branches their hats and wine vessels. Three cut grape sticks are clipped together with a bunch of basil, tied with a red thread and put on the men-only table among the grape vines. The celebration participators, then, choose a king - a man, who is industrious, lucky and respected by all. They put on his head a crown of vine leaves. On the way back they carry him on their arms or pull him on a cart (car). After that the group of men visits the village houses, drinks and utters blessing. The last treat is offered in the home of the king.

Rosica Topalova curator in Department "Ethnography" of Regional Museum Burgas
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