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Program for the Night of Museums 2013 in Burgas
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 - Global
IN THE FOUR Expositions of Regional Burgas Museum you will see:

Archaeological Museum (21 Aleko Bogoridi St.) - 18:30
Opening of the Night of Museums with the exhibition: The Magic of Ceramics in shapes and colors

Ethnographic Museum (69 Slavyanska St)"Soiree in Brakalov's house"
Brass band performances, dance couples from different schools for standard dances in Burgas at a stage from the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.You may try some of the old women costumes from the beginning of the 20th century.
The winners of the competition "Lazarus wrists" will present their works in a small exhibition.

Museum of Natural History
(30 K.Fotinov St.)
Over 2,000 exhibits, more than 400 photographs, drawings and maps of the species from Burgas Region. All three floors of the exposition are voiced with natural sounds. You will see also the unique guest exhibition from Regional Museum Ruse "Shadows in the rocks - minerals and Biodiversity."

The exhibition exposes twelve different topics, from the origins of Earth to industry and ecology. The emphasis is on the minerals wealth and types of rocks associated with the lives of all living things in many different ways - the origin of rocks, habitats for plants and animals, the use of raw materials in everyday life and in various industries.
The exhibition features 85 exhibits - rock samples, minerals and fossils, as well as inputs from kaolin. A model of kaolin mine is one of the highlights.

For the first time the public of Burgas will have the chance to view the fossils, found near Gorno Ezerovo. The fossils have estimated age of 35-36 million years (Cenozoic, Neogene Period, Eocene age).
Their appearance will be determined later by specialists in the BAS. The find was made at the end of March 2013 during digging works for the new sewer in the Burgas district of Gorno ezerovo.

Historical Museum (31 Lermontov St.) "They defended the honor of Bulgaria" - co-memorial of the 100 anniversary since the announcement of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913).
The new historical map, tracing the movements of 24 Black Infantry Regiment during the Balkan wars, will be presented to the public.

Another highlight is the exhibition "100 years of museum work in Burgas" - illustrating the history and development of the Burgas Museum since its creating as Archaeological Society "Debelt" in 1912 up to the present day.

The public will be able to see once again the exhibition "Masterpieces of the Bulgarian Renaissance from the Christian art" and "Rescued treasures of European fine arts from the 18th - 20th century "

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