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Program for the Night of Museums 2014 in Burgas
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 - Global
of Regional Historical Museum of Burgas

18:30 Historical Museum (Burgas, ul. Lermontov 31)
OPENING OF THE NIGHT OF MUSEUMS in Burgas with the ethnographic exhibition "COLOURFUL WORLD"
Guest exhibition of Bulgarian traditional clothing "Colourful World" by National Historical Museum - Sofia.
For centuries, traditional hand-weaving is one of the main occupations of the Bulgarian woman. She creates most of the home fabrics for clothing, for domestic use and needs of the family. This centuries-old tradition, in which the Bulgarian woman used the transmitted from generation to generation aesthetic and artistic achievements, in some areas of the country is preserved alive until today.
The primary purpose of any clothing is to protect the human body from climatic impacts and to make easy the physical labour. In terms of functionality the Bulgarian costumes show a clear relationship with the two main livelihoods - agriculture and pastoralism. They are sewn of white linen, hemp, silk, cotton and wool fabrics in white, black and brown. The difference in upper garments, donned directly over the shirt, separates the female wear into three groups: two-apron, sukman and sayana.
The exhibition will remain in Burgas until September 20.

18:45 Natural History Museum (Burgas, K.Fotinov 30)
[url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=nathist&page=home&lang=en&topic=262]Campaign: Will they find a new home in the Natural History Museum?[/url]
It's no secret that prehistoric animals are interesting not only for children but also for adults. Unfortunately in Bulgaria, fossils expositions are rare and exist only in a very few museums.
As a part of the campaign we organize charity sale of items made specially for it. Hopefully together we can raise the funds needed to create a new exhibition dedicated to the palaeontology of the region.

EXHIBITION "Nature paints the magic of stones"
It's hard to look away from the beautiful of the agate. This is a stone for people with imagination and unusual thought - poets, painters, sculptors, inventors.
This exhibition will allow every visitor to enter the magic world of gemstones and feel their timeless beauty.
EXPOSITION: over 2,000 exhibits of the flora and fauna in Burgas Region, more than 400 photographs, drawings and maps. All three floors of the museum are voiced with natural sounds.

18:00 - 00:00 Ethnographic Museum (Burgas, ul. Slavianska 69)
Visitors will have the opportunity to photograph in the atmosphere of the late nineteenth and twentieth century.
EXPOSITION: Presents traditional lifestyle and culture of ethnic group in the Burgas region as well as the city culture of Old Burgas. Here visitors can admire the most attractive collection of Bulgarian traditional costumes, covering all ethnographic groups in the Burgas region, including the clothing of the Thracian refuges from the land that nowadays is part of Greece and Turkey. Visitors can see unique festive clothing from the 19th century, illustrating various rites and celebrations, typical for Burgas region only: ritual costumes of "Nestinarka", "Enyov's wife", "Lazarka" and wedding clothing.

18:00 to 00:00 Archaeological Museum (Burgas, ul Aleko Bogoridi 21)

Displays archaeological finds from prehistoric times throughout the end of the 14th century, found in the Region of Burgas. The artefacts are related to the ancient cities of Thrace, old Greek colonies along the Black Sea coast and the local province of the Roman Empire. Unique exhibits presenting the history of Black Sea Shipping, gold jewellery, art objects and pottery from the Thracian culture are the highlights of the Archaeological exposition.
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