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Aquae Calidae reveals its ancient secrets
Wednesday, 18 Mar 2015 - Archeological Museum
Lots of coins, used in commerce, a fragment of an ancient marble slab with writing, an antique marble statuette, parts of fortification walls, тhese are just a small part of the extremely rich and diverse findings, which were discovered for only a week. [shrink]

At the moment on the territory of the Aquae Calidae complex, extensive work is in progress. In the parking area of the complex, in front of the fountain, archaeological survey is being carried out concerning the project for changing the sewer system of districts Banevo and Vetren. The archaeological survey is being carried out at a depth of 3 meters. For now around 80 findings have been discovered, as 45 of them are coins. Some of the coins are "cup-shaped" (scyphates) from the end of the 12th century - beginning of the 13th century, from the Byzantine imperial families Komnini and Angeli. The archaeologists have found at a depth of 2 meters more Byzantine coins, dated from the the 7th century, before the founding of the Bulgarian state.

The most valuable find from historical point of view, is a fragment with inscription on a marble slab dated from Roman times - the 1st-2nd century AD. Similar marble writings were found in the same region, in Manastir tepe area. Archaeologists also uncovered a marble statuette from the 2nd-3rd century AD.

Remains of the fortification system of the late classical and medieval town Therme (Thermopolis) were discovered exactly in front of the fountain. During the archaeological diggings, pottery and ceramics were uncovered dating from the 12th-13th century, as well as glass bracelets, Turkish smoking pipes, two Turkish silver coins. In the eastern part of the parking lot, the archaeologists have dug up a medieval house. Also two lead seals were found, one of them dated from the 11th century.
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