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Marble slab with inscription found in Aquae Calidae gives new insight into the history of Ancient Thrace
Saturday, 11 Jul 2015 - Archeological Museum
On June 9 this year during archeological digs at the site Aquae Calidae in Burgas was found an exceptionally valuable inscription in Greek on a marble slab. In it are mentioned the names of three of the last Thracian kings and the dynastic connection between them.[shrink] In this inscription for the first time are mentioned the children of Remetalk II and Pitodorida II, and the genealogy of the Thracian queen has been learned - she is the daughter of Kotis III, who is the son of Remetalk I. The slab is dated from 26-37 year A.D. - a time, when Jesus was already grown up and wins over more followers in Judea, and the mentioned Remetalk II leads a rebellion against the roman emperor Tiberius Julius Cesar August. Ten years after this period Rome finally dethrones the Sapey dynasty and puts to an end to the Thracian kingdom as an independent state. Thrace becomes one of the many Roman provinces.

The archeologists thanked Municipality Burgas for the constant financing of the digs, which is provided in the last 6 years. According to them the valuable inscription is proof of the ally relations between the last Thracian and Pontian kingdoms along the northern shores of the Black sea. A proof is the name Pitodorida, which is typical of Pont.

The archeologists announced another valuable inscription, on which can be seen a part of the name Pantuley Graptiak - roman governor of the province Thrace during the reign of emperor Marcus Aurelius around 172 A.D.
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