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World’s largest collection of antique coins minted in Deultum and Brothers Bobokovi’s representative collection of extremely rare archaeological exhibits – Guests of RIM Burgas
Tuesday, 14 Sep 2010 - Historical Museum
On 14.09.2010 at 11:00 in the Historical Museum /Lermontov St. 31/, Regional Historical Museum Burgas, Numismatic Museum Rousse and Foundation Brothers Bobokovi will be holding a press conference on the opening of two exclusive exhibitions at the same time - an archaeological and a numismatic.
A unique exhibition of world's largest collection of 2010 antique coins minted in ancient Deultum will be displayed for the first time in RIM Burgas
Colonia Flavia Pacis Deultensium created in 69 AD by Emperor Vespasian (present-day the village of Debelt) is the only colony of free Roman citizens in what is nowadays Bulgarian territory. The construction of the famous “Burg” - an ancient port – ancestor of modern Burgas is linked with the expansion of Deultum.
The coins are presented in a new kind of glass cases with built-in multimedia, which is a copyrighted project of Prof. Dr. Dimitar Draganov - Director of the First Private Numismatic Museum in Bulgaria.
The second exhibition presents Brothers Bobokovi’s representative collection from Rousse. It contains extremely rare and well-preserved archaeological exhibits of high value – a Roman gold plated rod-ax made seven thousand years ago; the only found in Bulgarian lands glass Horn of Plenty; a unique head piece of a silver statuette of the Roman Emperor Otho, who reigned only 3 months. According to Prof. Dimitar Draganov - author of the exhibition, similar object has never been found even in Rome.
Undoubtedly, the two exhibitions will become a significant event in our cultural and scientific life. Through them, visitors can discover unknown artefacts from the Antiquity, which will be subject of extensive research many years ahead. The travelling exhibitions have made these unique exhibits accessible to all Bulgarians who love archaeology and numismatics and who are eager to learn more about the ancient history of our lands.

The official opening of the exhibition will be at 17:00 in the building of the Historical Museum, 31 Lermontov St.
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