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Monday, 01 Aug 2016 - Historical Museum
Every day we do a bunch of things you do not think about: where they come from, the result of whose efforts are they, what they offer. We used to accept these things around us for granted - objects, events, achievements and people. We have heard that a person is a universe of emotions, mind, energy, but do not appreciate it, we hurry to nowhere ...
Here and now - how quickly lined up my mind in those few sentences - written a series of letters and ready. At first glance it is, but it is not true! Not just a series of letters. These are perfect letters, part of a perfect alphabet - Bulgarian. Again you about these scripts, I'll tell you mine May 24 ?! Well, because thoughts and assessments come after the holiday ...
What are our letters? Another thing we do not really pay attention. We use them and so. And their story is so interesting ...
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