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Successfully completed excavations of the fortress Rusokastro ин 2016
Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 - Archeological Museum
Archaeologists uncovered more than 50 meters from the main bulwark of the fort, and many movable finds - coins, copper decoration with a lion images, arrows, battle ax, gilt buttons and many others.

The regular archaeological excavations of the fortress Rusokastro in 2016 ended. For 3 months the archaeologists from Burgas Museum Milen Nikolov and Dorothea Gyurdzhiyska, along with workers from the local villages Zidarovo, Zhelyazovo and Rusokastro revealed more than 50 meters from the main bulwark of the fort. Besides them were discovered many other, previously unknown elements of the fortification - three towers and two walls. Two of the towers are from the VI c. AD, and the third is from the end of the XII c. - beg. of the XIII century. The newly discovered walls are also from different eras. The first is medieval and was built between the two towers flanking the main entrance of the fortress. It is 3.45 meters wide, built carefully with well hewn stones and thick mortar. The other wall is from the VI century, made of stone blocks cemented with a large quantity of mortar.

During the excavations nearly 40 m of the medieval path were cleared. At several places there are marks from ruts and grooves on the rocks left by the wheels of medieval oxcarts.
The archaeologists found many movable finds - coins, copper application with a lion image, arrows, battle ax, gilt buttons and many others. Discovered was also a gold coin of the emperor Andronicus III.
Field conservation of the archaeological site was carried out after the excavation. The next task is to undertake architectural planning of conservation and restoration works as well as exhibition of the finds from 2016.

The studies were funded by Municipality Kameno, Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and with the help of the National History Museum in Sofia.
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