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Traditional food for the Christmas Holidays in Bulgaria
Thursday, 23 Dec 2010 - Ethnographical Museum
Traditional food for Christmas Eve
Wheat; Fresh bread; Beans; Bagels; Sarmi with bulgur or rice; Banica - pie with pumpkin (tikvenik) or with greenery (Zelnik); Stuffed dried paprika with beans Dried fruits /compote of dried fruits/; Walnuts with garlic and honey; Fresh apples, pears or others.

Recipe: Creased beans
Ingredients: 500g beans, 200g onion, 15g salt, 2 carrots, 30g dried parsley and spearmint, 200g oil, 2 tablespoons red pepper.

The beans are cleaned, washed and soaked in cold water for about 8 hours, then discard the water, pour new water inside and let it boil 15 minutes. Again pour in clean water and add chopped onions and carrots. After boiling, salt it up, drain the water and while hot, crush the beans to a pulp, then add the oil, red pepper and sprinkles of parsley and mint. Eat cold!

Traditional food for Christmas day
Fresh bread; Pastırma with cabbage; Pie with meat; Pork with leek; Baked liver; Roasted chicken

Recipe: Kebab of pork meat
Ingredients: pork meat with fat, 1 onion or leek, 1 cup of sour cabbage juice.

Cut the meat into small pieces without separating the fat. Place on a tray. Add the chopped onions. Salt to taste and pour over cabbage soup. Bake in moderate oven.

Learn more about the traditional Bulgarian Christmas customs: [url=index.php?tab=ethno&lang=[curlang]&page=encyc&enc=rituals&eid=69]Christmas Eve and Christmas Day[/url] and [url=index.php?tab=ethno&lang=[curlang]&page=encyc&enc=rituals&eid=58]Koleduvane[/url]
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