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International Wetlands Day
Wednesday, 02 Feb 2011 - Natural-History Museum

[justify] Full of emotions we celebrated the International Wetlands Day in the Natural-History Exposition - Burgas. 20 students from upper classes of the Burgas schools - Konstantin Preslavski School and High School of Mathematics Acad N. Obreshkov, joined in a competition organized by the Regional History Museum - Burgas in partnership with BSPB and RIOSV. All participants demonstrated impressive knowledge on the wetlands around Burgas, their inhabitants and the threats hanging over these important habitats and in particular several bird species that are worldwide endangered. Undisputed favourites in the competition were the teams of Boyana Atanasova, Branimira Yordanova and Daniela Yordanova from High School of Mathematics Acad N. Obreshkov, and Roxanna Kantardjieva and Yanita Kondova from Konstantin Preslavski School. They received a well deserved first place.[/justify][shrink]
[justify] With their attractive presentation Vasil Kostadinov, Nikolai Marinov and Ruslan Zhelev from High School of Mathematics Acad N. Obreshkov grabbed the sympathy of the jury and audience. They received a special prize of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, presented by Radostina Tsenova.
[tab]Special awards were given to all conference participants: 2011 calendar with pictures of birds typical for the Burgas Lakes, package with info materials, keychains and hats with а logo of the 40 anniversary of the Ramsar Convention.
[tab]The students, their teachers and all special guests had the opportunity to view the exhibition “Lake Atanasovsko - people, birds and salt” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the lake’s declaration as a maintained nature reserve through the implementation of project "Life for the Burgas lakes" part of the EU program LIFE +, by BSPB. The photos will be exhibited in Natural-History Exposition - Burgas to the end of February.[/justify]

Presentation [bulgarian only]:
1. [url=uploads/ramsaeski_obekti___.pdf]Ramsar sites around Burgas, Bulgaria - Boyana Atanasova, Branimir Yordanova and Daniela Yordanova[/url]
2. [url=uploads/chervenogusha_gerska____.pdf]Red-breasted Goose, Ferruginous Duck and Sea Eagle - Vasil Kostadinov, Nikolay Marinov and Ruslan Zhelev[/url]
3. [url=uploads/vlajni_zoni.pdf]Wetlands - Yanita Kondova and Roxana Kantardjieva[/url]

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