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Gold treasures, embroidery, demonstrations and many surprises for the 15th Night of Museums in Burgas
Monday, 13 May 2019 - Global
For the 15th consecutive year the Regional historical museum of Burgas will participate in the European Museum Night. In 2019, the event coincided with the International Day of Museums - May 18th.
Traditionally, on this Saturday night, visitors will be able to see the four exhibitions of the Burgas Museum - Archaeological, Ethnographic, Natural history and Historical. Each of them, from 18:00 to 24:00, will be awaiting you with an exciting program and free entrance.

The official opening is at 18:00 h. in the Trezore Hall of the Archaeological Museum (21, Bogoridi Street), where two golden exhibitions will be displayed - "The Thracian Gold Treasure of Valchitrun" and "The Memory of Great Bulgaria. The Treasure of Khan Kubrat from Malaya Pereshchepina ". An hour later will be presented a different moment of work on archaeological finds. The restorer Silvia Borisova will demonstrate techniques for sizing and preparation of the artifacts for restoration.

The program will continue at the Historical Museum (31, Lermontov Street), where at 18:30 for the first time will be shown the great icon of Jesus Christ, restored with public donations from the end of last year. The restorer herself will show live some of icon conservation techniques.

The colorful world of the Bulgarian embroidery will unfold in front of the visitors from 19:00 h. in the Ethnographic Museum (69, Slavyanska Street). The presentation of the national exhibition "You will recognize them in the embroidery" from RHM - Shumen will be accompanied by open embroidery tutorials. On the horo dance in the yard of the museum, this year will invite the Macedonian choir "Gotse Delchev" - Burgas.

Entrance free for visitors in the four expositions from 18.00 to 24.00 h.

Archaeological Museum, 21 Aleko Bogoridi Str.
18.00 Opening of exhibitions:
"The Thracian Gold Treasure from Valchitron" - guest exhibition from Regional historical museum - Pleven.
"The glory of Great Bulgaria. Treasure of Khan Kubrat from Malaya Pereshchepina" - guest exhibition from the National historical museum - Sofia
19.00-20.30 "The Work of the Museum Restorer". Demonstration of the restorer from RHM-Burgas for the preservation of a museum object.

Natural History Museum, 30, K. Fotinov Str.
Permanent exposition

Historical Museum, 31, Lermontov Str.
18.30 Presentation of a restored with public donation icon from the museum fund.
19.00 - 20.30 "How to Restore Icons". Demonstration on conservation and restoration of icons.

Ethnographic Museum, 69 Slavyanska Str.
19.00 Opening of National Exhibition "You will recognize them in the embroidery" - guest exhibition of the Regional historical museum - Shumen.
Music program
Embroidery demonstrations
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