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The movie "The Camp Trickery" awakens the memory of the sad fate of the Bulgarians after the wars
Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019 - Historical Museum

Regional historical museum Burgas will present the documentary "The Trickery Camp" from 18:00 h. on October 18 (Friday), at the Writer's House (1 Vola Str.) The tape revives the memory of a tragedy that remained hidden to most Bulgarians because of the political changes that followed the wars. The film was made on the idea of ​​the historian Georgi Drakaliev by a team of Burgas operators and journalists.

In June 1913 the tragic for Bulgaria, the Allied War broke out. In it, our country is fighting against its former allies Greece and Serbia. Bulgaria is losing the war as it is being attacked by all countries. As a result, many lands were torn off, including Macedonia, where terror over everything Bulgarian began in order to be bitten or tarnished. After this national catastrophe and the many personal and mass tragedies, one story remains completely forgotten for generations - the story of the first concentration camp in Europe. It was created by the Greeks on the deserted island of Trikeri in the bay of Volos in June 1913. Bulgarian teachers, priests, writers, village and city leaders from the occupied Greece part of Macedonia, as well as captured soldiers from the Bulgarian garrison in Thessaloniki are arrested and imprisoned there - about 7,000 people, and maybe many more. As a result of starvation and disease, thousands of innocent Bulgarians die there, and the survivors return as walking skeletons.

The author of the movie "The Camp Trickers" - the Burgas public figure Georgi Drakaliev is a descendant of one of the Bulgarian priests who died on the island. The footage was filmed on the island itself with brief interviews by locals. For the same purpose, the Palamida Fortress in the ancient capital of Greece, Navplio, was visited, where Bulgarian officers were imprisoned in those tragic days. The story is told only through the stories of witnesses and participants in the events recorded in the books "The Bartholomew Night in Thessaloniki and the Heroic Defense of the Bulgarian Troops", "The Bulgarian garrison in Thessaloniki in 1913 (memories)" and "Trikeri's Tombs".
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