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Burgas Exhibition presents the Bulgarian Christmas tradition in the Austrian city of Wagrain
Tuesday, 03 Dec 2019 - Global
Burgas Christmas holidays have been presented at a special exhibition in the Stille Nacht Museum in the Alpine resort of Wagrain. The exhibition is a work of the Regional Historical Museum Burgas in collaboration with the local tourist association Cultural Association Blue Fenster and the Honorary Consulate of Austria in Burgas.

The exhibition shows the traditional Bulgarian holidays, customs and beliefs in December. They begin with the days of the saints Barbara, Sava and Nicholas, and continue with Ignatius and culminate on Christmas Eve and Christmas. In addition to information, the exhibition presents original Christmas costumes, costumes from Strandzha, ritual breads and several types of breadcrumbs.

The exhibition was opened in the presence of many honorable guests from both countries, among them the Honorary Consul of Austria in Burgas Assoc. Prof. Radostina Ivanova-Mishineva, the Regional Governor of Burgas Region Valcho Cholakov, the Director of the Regional History Museum-Burgas Dr. Milen Nikolov, Salzburg Local Representative Elizabeth Huber and Wagrain Mayor Axel Elmer.

The most exciting part of the event was the presentation of authentic folklore by the women of the Enlightenment-1929 Community Center, Lyulyakovo, Ruen Municipality. They allowed the guests to get acquainted with the magic of Bulgarian singing, dancing and cuisine. The inhabitants of the alpine town tried green herbs, banitsa with bulgur, pumpkin and gut, and the beans prepared on the traditional Lyulyak recipe turned out to be their absolute favorite. Immediately after its opening, the exhibition "Christmas Holidays from Burgas" was also viewed by our compatriots living in the nearby settlements.

The presentation of Bulgarian culture in Wagrain will continue with a second event in mid-December. Then a group of PGT "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" - Burgas will show their culinary skills on the spot, and the "Atanas Manchev" dance ensemble are invited to present a short folklore program.

The Silent Night Museum tells the story of the world's most famous Christmas song and the creator of its text, Joseph Moore. The place is one of the attractions in the alpine town of Wagrain, which mainly deals with ski tourism and makes 3 million nights a year. The Burgas Exhibition will stay there for the active winter season and will have the opportunity to promote Burgas as a destination for cultural tourism. To this end, an ad catalog has been created with brief information about the seaside town and local traditions.

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