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The Historical Museum show object of 7 millennia with protowriting from people who inhabited the region of Bourgas
Friday, 10 Jun 2016 - Archeological Museum
The latest exposition of Burgas Museum - "Wall of letters" was joined by an unusual object from the ancient history of the people who inhabited the lands of present-day Burgas - a small ceramic prism with signs on all four sides. It was found in 2008 during an archaeological survey of Settlement mound Burgas and dates back to the Early Chalcolithic (4900 / 4850-4600 / 4550 BC). Archaeologists believe that 7000 years ago when ancient people baked the clay object they left on it own signs over all four walls. The resulting incisions were inlaid with white paste.
This is the third discovery of this kind - ceramic prism with "proto-writing" found in the territory of municipality Burgas. These artifacts can be compared with known votive tiles from the village of Gradeshnitsa (Vratsa Region) and Karanovo village, which even today arise enormous interest in scientists - historians and linguistics.
Hardly ever, modern science will "read" the information, which is "stored" on these objects, commented archaeologists. According to them, the more important thing is that even in the V millennium BC, on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast lived agricultural and stockbreeding tribes who had a clear sense to "record" information and try to transmit it to future generations.
Today, two of these exceptional finds are exhibited in the expositions of RHM Burgas - one in hall "Prehistory" of the Archaeological Museum (21 Bogoridi St.) and the other - in the Historical Museum (31 Lermontov St.).

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