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Penka and Yanka
With love to the Bulgarian folksong

[center]With love to the Bulgarian folksong[/center]
The most significant and diverse artistic stake in Bulgarian folklore are the folksongs. The folksong underwent a long historical development. The first historical records for its existence come from the 9th – 10th century, as most songs have been preserved from the 18th century, created by the singers, pipers, gusle and kaval players. They are performed on holidays and fairs, at the fields, next to the loom, on social gatherings, in sad or happy days. Spread by word of mouth, moving from one location to another. Close to the heart of every Bulgarian, they are transmitted from generation to generation, stored and continually enriched.

Already for a third year two singers of Strandzha take part in the festivals of Ethnographic Museum Burgas. Unselfish, with enthusiasm, live, wholeheartedly. Their strong and vibrant voices create the impression that a whole choir is singing.

These are Penka Drazheva and Yanka Hristova.

Mrs. Penka Drazheva was born in the village of Svetlina, Municipality Sredets. She has worked in the nearby oil factory and is now retired. The love of folksong she inherited from her family, especially from her mother. Already as a child Penka loved Macedonian songs connected with the Macedonian roots of her father. She performs alone or in a group at fairs and festivals. Currently Penka is singing in the choir of the veterans from "Lukoil" – Burgas, headed by Veselin Todorov.

Yanka Hristova is from the city of Sredets. She has worked in the woodworking factory "Gocho Ivanov" in Burgas. Raised in a family where folk music was respected, her father played the fiddle and mandolin and her mother was singing. Yanka is a relative of the famous Bulgarian folk singer Yanka Rupkina. The last song that Yanka has learned from her mother - "Az otivam na dyukyana" (en: I go to the shop), to this day is not performed by any folk singer. As a soloist in workers amateur folk groups she has won many awards. Yanka participated in the folk group at the wood factory "Gocho Ivanov" with director Peter Bakalov.
The love of folksongs she passed and her granddaughter, who also sings.

Today Penka and Yanka sing together in ensemble "Goce Delchev" at the Cultural and Educational Society "Pelister" and Club "Morski zvutsi" - Burgas.
The rich repertoire of these two singers contains Thracian, Strandzhian and Macedonian songs. Their favorite folksongs are "Proviknal mi se zelen zdavets" (en: exclaimed my green geranium), "Yano, byala Yano" (en: Yano, white Yano) "Tumen se oblak zadade" (en: Dark cloud has set) "Pitat me mamo v selo momite" (en: They ask me, Mom, the girls in the village), "Kalyo, Kalino" "Kitchitse" (en: small posy), "Boyane, libe, Boyane" (en: Boyan, beloved, Boyan),"Proviknala se Boryana" (en: Boryana is calling loud).



Rosica Топалова and Krasimira Dubarova, curators in department "Ethnography"
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