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Denar Mark Antony
from the silver treasure of Obzor / 1953

Denar of Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius) from the Silver treasure found in Obzor, Nesebar Municipality, 1953

Author: Miroslav Klasnakov

In January 1953, in the area of ​​Obzor, Burgas region, "... when plowing in one of the blocks of the cooperative..." silver coins "were found in a pile of soil..." The small treasure consisted of 43 denars from the time of the Roman Republic. With the help of Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, the coins arrived in the numismatic collection of Regional Museum Burgas. The first official information about them was delivered by T. Gerasimov in 1955. Later, in 1963, J. Yurukova published data on the treasure with pictures of coins and an assumption about their history.
First in 2011, with excellent numismatic analysis and updated historical interpretation, E. Paunov made a significant step towards the proper integration of the treasure in to the historical development of the Western Black Sea Coast during the Liberators' civil war (44-42 BC).

Although small in numbers, the coins from Obzor treasure are from a relatively long chronological period, from 157/156 BC to 42 BC - more than a century. The last issued coin, on which the scientists judge the time of concealing the entire treasure, is a Denar of the Roman general and triumvir (member of the second triumvirate) Mark Antony (83-30 BC).

Denar from the reign of Mark Anthony, found in the town of Obzor (issued in 42 BC)

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