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Festive costume
from Lyulyakovo village

Festive costume of the refugees from the village of Catal Tepe Asia Minor settled in Lyulyakovo village, Burgas Region

Author: Plamena Kirova - Ch. Curator in Department "Ethnography" of RHM Burgas

In the Bulgarian ethnography there are characteristic indicators, based on which the traditional costumes are ordered into several basic types with a certain geographical distribution. The order is based on the main features - shape and color of upper clothing. According to the cut and way of wearing the upper clothing, the women's costumes are divided into four groups: two-apron, one-apron, sukman and sayan.

Namely to the fourth and final group falls the female festive costume of the settlers from Catal Tepe (Asia Minor). In all costumes, main garment is the shirt.

For further information in English, you can contact the Ethnographic Department of RHM Burgas [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=ethno&page=contact&lang=en]via the contact form >>[/url]
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