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Enyovden in Sozopol

Enyovden (June 24) - the festival of the sun, herbs and dew in the settlements along the Black Sea, has its own specifics. Probably because here, the sea is always in the thoughts and feelings of people...

The birthday of St. John the Baptist in Sozopol is known as "Saint Yani". At that day began the season for bathing in the sea.
In the evening before the holiday, women and children gathered together and went ashore. Some swam in the sea, others only dipped their feet to the knees. According to custom, all carried a small container that was filled with sea water and some sand on the bottom. With it they sprinkled throughout the house - just like holy water... From the seabed they took a stone, overgrown with algae, carried it home, put it behind the door of the room in which they sleep and keep it until next year, when the stone was thrown back into the sea. Newlyweds always used such stone on the threshold of their home.

On the way back from the shore the women gathered dry grass and twigs to light bonfires in the street. They burned dried bouquets and wreaths that were hung on the doors on 1st May (On May 1 the locals got up early, went to the garden and in nature, where gathered flowers and danced). Children and young people jumped the fire three times - for health and good fortune. So, jumping, they shout "Come in, good year, get out, bad year". When extinguished the flames, in the embers were thrown few pieces of garlic. Bonfires were lit by sailors on the decks of ships in the ports or bays. The sailors jumped over the fire for health.
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