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Grass snake
Natrix natrix

The grass snake also called water snake (Natrix natrix) has two very typical light spots - usually yellow, found behind the head.
There are two subspecies Natrix natrix natrix (the back without clear longitudinal strips) and Natrix natrix persa (with two light longitudinal strips on its back).
The species is not poisonous. It is widely distributed throughout the country up to 1200-1400 m above sea level, except for 2000-2100 m above sea level. (in Belasitsa and Stara Planina). Preferred places with fresh or brackish water (ponds, lakes, dams, rivers, streams, wet meadows, wetlands, floodplain forests). The species can swim swiftly with smooth "snake" curves on the body. Far from the water, representatives can be found when the females are looking for a place to lay the eggs or in the summer if the water body is dry and they are looking for other suitable places for living.
Predominantly the snakes are active through the bright part of the day but also warm nights. The main diet consists of amphibians - frogs, tritons, tadpoles, and fish, very rarely - rodents, lizards, small birds. The pray is swallowed alive. Hunting grounds are both the water and the land. In capture, the grass snake almost never bites, but it throws out a mucus from its cloak. On a length, though very rare, it reaches 140 cm.
In Bulgaria the water snake is protected by Annex III of the Bern Convention. In most places it is very common and is not threatened by extinction.
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