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The Dolmens in the village of Hlyabovo

An interesting story was shared with us by Petar Yankov - historian, longtime employee of the Regional historical museum of Burgas. He responded to our call and recounted his memories of the dolmens in the village of Hlyabovo in Sakar Mountain.

Dolmen once rose in a Sakar village

There are many places in the settlements in our country related to national, European and world history. In the village of Hlyabovo, today in the municipality of Topolovgrad, there are many such areas. One of them is Byalata treva, located between the village of Hlyabovo and the village of Bulgarska Polyana at the foot of Sakar Mountain. Here are the largest dolmens with two rooms and entrances between them. These megalithic facilities of enormous tonnage are made of local granite stone. It is astonishing how the stone walls have been treated and transported to their present location. There is no other such stone near them. The closest one is on more than a kilometre away along the Sokolitsa River. Today, going through the village of Hlyabovo and not visiting the dolmens is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. There are many smaller dolmens in this area. There was such small one in the village at its north end, at a low height, but with great visibility. It existed until the fifties of the last century, when the local people broke it and the stones were used for construction. The local government did not prevent this vandal act. Today the dolmen would have been the only one in the settlement.

Петър Янков – историк, музеен работник

The largest dolmen on the Balkans, located between the village of Hlyabovo and the village of Bulgarska Polyana, Image: Diana Slavcheva
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