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Ricardo Toscani

Ricardo Toscani (1857-1929)

One of the biggest names in the history of architecture in Burgas is that of Ricardo Toscani. Initially working in Plovdiv and he established his practice in Burgas around 1885. In the early years due to the constraints posed by the Bulgarian legislation, Toscani worked behind the names of certified architects /some researchers argue that Toscani was not qualified architect, which is unlikely to be true/. Later he formed a partnership with Arch. Svetoslav Slavov and many projects have been signed by both. Are reserved and signed only by Toscani. As an Italian disciple of its time, Ricardo Toscani imported into the architecture of New Burgas the main features of neo style. He has been assigned with the design of bank facilities, religious, residential and commercial buildings. The architectural and artistic trends of his works vary between Mediterranean Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Classicism and Secession. Toscani decorated the facades with a maximum splendour expressed in the rich diversity of animal and plant details, garlands, pattern friezes, cornices, complicated mansard roofs and a variety of towers, domes and capstans.

Yana Ivanova
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