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Dorcadion pedestre
Dorcadion pedestre

Dorcadion pedestre is a group of roots eating beetles belonging to the family of Longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae). In sunny weather in the low vegetation or on the soil surface you can see a beetle reminding of a sunflower seed. This beetle by the name Dorcadion pedestre has an elongated body with black wing-cases (elytrons), divided with a bright white stripe. Soft grey hairs cover posterior half of the strip. The center white line is observed on the chest as well. The main body colour of the species is black, but the legs and the first segment of its long antennas are red. The body length is 11-16 mm.
The adaptable black colouring of Dorcadion pedestre is vital for its development, which passes through four stages - egg, larva, pupa and imago (adult insect). The larvae live freely in soil and feed on roots of herbaceous plants (mainly of the Poaceae family), while the imago prefers their overground parts. The life cycle of Dorcadion pedestre is short – only one year. The species can be found during the spring time from April to late May and sometimes early June in areas with sparse herbaceous vegetation, on overgrown with grass sandy soil, country trails and others.
Dorcadion pedestre is widespread in Central Europe, Ukraine and the Balkans, as it can be found in Bulgaria. The group Dorcadion pedestre has two subspecies Dorcadion pedestre pedestre, native in Europe and Dorcadion pedestre kaszabi - spread in Greece.

Bojana Ribarova

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