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Clinoptilolite comes from a group of minerals called zeolites. Their name comes from Greek - "zeo" meaning "to boil" and "lithos" – "stone". Zeolites are aluminosilicates of sodium, calcium, rarely potassium and barium. They contain free water molecules.

The mineral is a fine sieve (also known as "molecular sieves") that holds within itself substances of a certain size molecules and ignores others. This special structure is the reason behind the unique properties of zeolites. When they are sunk in water, the chemical composition of it will change. Water ionized with clinoptilolite, has a powerful healing effect on the body. It can help disposing of poisons from food and regulates metabolism. It has a strong stimulating effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive system; relieves nervous anxiety, insomnia, anxiety, ulcers, gastritis and colitis; cleanses the kidneys and gall-sand, normalizes blood pressure.
Intake of the zeolite is recommended as an aid and system restoration after chemotherapy and radiotherapy (for faster recovery and detoxification).

Deposits of clinoptilolite can be found in the Rhodopes Mountains, near Kardzhali. Because of its unique properties this mineral is sought worldwide.

The International Mineralogical Association has named Clinoptilolite "mineral of the 20th century" due to its increasing use in the food industry and medicine.
Radioactive waste can be disposed with the help of zeolite. After the Chernobyl disaster tones of zeolite were dispersed to clean the polluted area around the nuclear plant.

Visitors to Natural-History Exposition in Burgas can purchase clinoptilolite from the museum store.

Petya Yordanova
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