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Wood comes to life - zoomorphic motives in artistic woodworking from Troyan
Saturday, 21 May 2016 - Friday, 30 Sep 2016
Location: Ethnographic museum (Burgas, 69 Slavyanska St.)
The exhibition presents the zoomorphic motives in the development of traditional Bulgarian woodworking and the use of folklore mythical creatures’ elements.
The woodworking is widely used in church architecture - for iconostases, pulpits, etc., as well as in the household – carved ceilings, furniture, coffers, wood vessels, canes, distaffs. Several carving art schools were active during the Bulgarian Renaissance period. Particularly popular were the Troyan art masters with their remarkable woodcraft, depicting mythical folklore creatures such as lamias, dragons, gryphons, two headed eagles as well as many real animals which carry specific symbolic: birds, snakes, rams, wolves and others.
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