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The Borovo Treasure
Saturday, 20 May 2017 - Saturday, 30 Sep 2017
Location: Archeological exposition (Burgas, 21 Bogoridi St.)

Visiting Exhibition from RHM Rousse for the summer season in Burgas

The treasure, found in December 1974 close to a Thracian burial mound in the vicinity of Borovo, district Rousse, was forged in the 4th century BC. It was used in ritual ceremonies by the local Getic ruler. The treasure consists of five wine vessels: three rhytons, a large bowl and a jug with depicted mythological scenes. All of them are made of silver-gilt and some of the details are gold-plated. Rhytons are vessels with the shape of their prototype - a horn. Their artistic design has offered some impressive examples of vessels, the lower parts of which are usually shaped like a protome (front of a body) of an animal or mythological character. Each of the three rhytons of the Borovo treasure represents a different protome: bull, horse and Sphinx. A distinctive mark is the small hole at the bottom, from which the enchanting, thick, Thracian wine flows out directly in the mouth of the ritual ecstatic hero. The upper part of the rhytons is richly decorated with various ornaments. The ivy twigs on two of the Borovian rhytons, were placed there to point towards the king's favorite, who is incarnation of god himself. The god with whom the king merges through the divine dionic wine, ritually dulled to the bottom, is Dionysus - the god of wine and eternally reviving nature. The Dionysian myth is told through the images, depicted on the jug. Here are the Silesians and Erotes, Orpheus and Eurydice, Heracles, all gathered around the sacred marriage of Dionysus with Ariadne and the wine is poured into the same vessels that the Borovo treasure is made from. The inscriptions on some of the vessels indicate that the Getic ruler received them as a gift from the Odysseus king Cotys I (383/382 - 360/359 BC). The exhibits are the only copy of the original treasure.
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