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Night of the Museums
Saturday, 19 May 2012 - Sunday, 20 May 2012
Location: RIM Burgas
[url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=home&page=home&lang=en&topic=153]Night of the Museums - Night of open doors in all four Museum Expositions in Burgas

Burgas Regional Historical Museum
/ 19.05.2012 17:00 to 00:00 /

17:00 Ethnographic exposition, Burgas, 69 Slavianska St.
"Sedianka" - performance by children from kindergarten "Detelina" - Burgas - group "Slancho", head-teachers Panayotova Vanya and Lily Dimanova

17:30 Ethnographic exposition, Burgas, 69 Slavianska St.
Demonstrations of wool workshop - spinning, knitting, stuffing wool and dyeing it with natural colors. The created on the small looms everyone can take home as a souvenir.
Presentation of traditional Strandzha region cuisine: unique honey dew from Strandzha mountains, original "zelnik" , handmade sweets with walnut and local brandy.

17:40 Natural-History exposition, Burgas, 30 Fotinov St.
"What is it to be a curator at the museum for a day?" - with the students from Professional High School of Electrotechnic and Electronics "Konstantin Fotinov".
Visitors will be able to see and even touch previously undisplayed exhibits from the museum's collection of large birds - Griffon Vulture, Great White Pelican and Mute Swan.

18:00 Historical Exposition, Burgas, 31 Lermontov St.
Opening of "1100 years from the Assumption of St. Naum Ohridski" - an exhibition by the Bulgarian Academy of Science.
Screening of a documentary film about the Balkan War 1912 - 1913.

18:30 Archeological Exposition Burgas, 21 Al. Bogoridi St.
"The Roman city Deultum "- an exhibition of Historical museum Sredets

19:30 Ethnographic exposition, Burgas, 69 Slavianska St.
Dramatization of the children stories "Plums for garbage" and "The most precious fruit" - featuring students from "Ivan Vazov" School Burgas, head-teacher M. Deskova

20:00 Ethnographic exposition, Burgas, 69 Slavianska St.
Museum project "Lets weave a colorful Bulgarian rug"

21:00 Ethnographic exposition, Burgas, 69 Slavianska St.

Fire performance by the dancers from F4 - Daniel, Lubo, Dimitar and Maya - "four fury fire fantasies"for whome the fire is a mystery, challenge, a way of life. Their fire dance will mark the beginning of the traditional Bulgarian festivals associated with the Sun and Fire: Nestinarstvo, Marina Ognena...[/url]
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