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The achievements of volunteer students in the museum will be the theme of the lecture on Dec. 8
Wednesday, 05 Dec 2018 - Historical Museum

"Volunteering and Educational Programs in the Museum" is the theme of the lecture at the Burgas Museum this Saturday (8.12). It is dedicated to the International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated every year on December 5th.

The historian Yana Ivanova will present the good practices in the museum-school partnership, the different forms of work with children in the museum environment or the so- informal education. The lecture will include Petya Kudeva - Senior Teacher at PGT "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov "- Burgas, who will share her professional experience in the work on the cause of volunteering with the" Greatness of Bulgaria "student club, a group of students from the club who will present their project" Architecture of Emblematic Buildings, developed in cooperation with the Historical Museum After nearly one year of preparation in November 2018, the team impeccably defended their research during the Fifth Session of the Students' Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The traditional Saturday lecture at the museum is at 11.30 h. in the presentation room of the Natural History Museum in Burgas (30, K.Fotinov Str.). The entrance fee is preferential - for adults 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.

Free entrance for the Burgas Museums on st. Nicolas day
Tuesday, 04 Dec 2018 - Global

On December 6, the Regional historical museum Burgas organizes the traditional ritual table for the feast of saint Nicolas (Niculden). It will be held at 10:45 in the area next to the building of Municipality Burgas.

On the occasion of the holiday, the four expositions of Burgas Museum will welcome visitors with free admission. The exhibition "From Niculden to Grandfather Christmas" will be exhibited at the Ethnographic Museum (69 Slavyanska Str.) It presents rich information about St. Nicholas and Nikulden - folk tales, celebrations of the holiday in the different parts of Bulgaria, fishing traditions and rituals, festive folk songs, recipes for traditional dishes and many others etc. The information boards are supplemented by authentic inventory - nets, screws, harpoons, etc. and puzzle game for the kids.

As part of the exhibition, videos from the channel "Old Fishermen looking for online apprentices" will be played in the museum hall demonstrating traditional practices by Chengene Skele.

Burgas archaeologist presents vessels at 7,000 years on the Saturday's lecture
Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018 - Archeological Museum

"Early and middle- Chalcolithic anthropomorphic pots from the Bulgarian Black Sea coast" is the subject of the museum lecture this Saturday - 1 December. Lecturer will be the archaeologist Miroslav Klassakov, who is specialist in prehistory and head of research at the Settlement mound on the 10th kilometre in the area Solna niva.

In the spring of 2008-2009, the first archaeological excavations of a prehistoric monument of culture in the Municipality of Burgas took place. A large number of (whole and fragmented) anthropomorphic storage vessels were found during the studies. A female bust is formed on their body, and two holes in their neck are pierced with eyes. Storage vessels of similar shape, the same decoration layout and similar ornamental motifs are also found in other prehistoric sites located along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The traditional Saturday lecture at the museum is at 11.30 am in the presentation room of the Natural Science Exhibition (30, K.Fotinov Str.). The entrance fee is preferential - for adults 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.

A joint national exhibition shows the beauty of the Bulgarian embroidery from the different regions
Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018 - Ethnographical Museum

Treasures shrouded over the years shine through the exhibition "You will recognize them by the embroidery", gathered representative samples from the collections of four museums in the country. REM-Plovdiv, RHM Burgas, Smolyan and Shumen present the most characteristic embroidered motives stored in their collections.

For the exhibition, the Burgas ethnographic exposition has provided elements of costumes, which reveal the beauty of the ruptsi, tronki and zagortsi embroidery, through the skirts of the garbs, the sleeves of women and men shirts.

Until the end of the year the exhibition can be seen in REM-Plovdiv. The exhibition is realized under a project of the Ministry of Culture and has a trilingual catalogue.

Expect details when the exhibition will also be presented in the halls of RHM-Burgas.

The Thracian Society "Strandzha" and the Burgas Museum will honour the memory of Exarch Antim I
Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018 - Ethnographical Museum

The 130th anniversary of the death of Exarch Antim I will be honoured on November 29, 2018 (Thursday). The event is organized by the Thracian Society "Strandzha" in the church of St. Mary (near the Commercial High School in Burgas) at 10:30. After the event an exhibition will be opened in the Ethnographic Exhibition of RHM-Burgas (behind the St. St. Cyril and Methodius Church) with photographs from the life path of the prominent Bulgarian cleric.

Antim I was the first Bulgarian exarch (1872), a prominent politician and public figure, who remained in history mostly as a defender of the idea of ​​an independent Bulgarian church and its role as a unification of the Bulgarians. He was born in 1816 in Lozengrad, Eastern Thrace (now Kirklareli in Turkey).
His mission to impose the independence of the Bulgarian Church took him briefly to Burgas in 1872, where he was welcomed by the Bulgarian community in the city.

The whole life route of Exarch Antim I is connected with the defence of the Bulgarians in Eastern Thrace and after the Liberation continues to seek a way for the unification and welfare of the Bulgarian people.

Opening of the newly built road to the rock monastery of St. Nicholas under the TOGETHER project
Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018 - Global

On November 22, the official opening of the newly-built road leading to the rock monastery st. Nicholas, took place near the town of Kıyıkoy, Kırklareli district, Turkey. The construction of 1 km paved road with lighting and a separate parking lot in front of the monastery are part of the activities under project "Common Cultural Heritage without Borders - TOGETHER", co-funded by the European Union trough the Bulgaria–Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme.

The project has been implemented by the two partners Regional historical museum Burgas (Bulgaria) and Kirklareli District Directorate of Culture and Tourism (Turkey) in the period 2017-2019. Among the official guests of the opening ceremony were the directors of the two institutions - Milen Nikolov and Necmi Asan, the Mayor of the Municipality of Kıyıkoy Ahmet Bora, representatives of the project team, the Turkish branch of the Programme Joint Monitoring Committee, contractors, local organizations and others.

What brought to Bulgaria the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine - a Burgas historian with a retrospective century later
Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018 - Historical Museum

"The Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine 99 Years Later" is the subject of the museum lecture this Saturday - November 24th. The curator Vladimir Anigestov from the Historical museum of Burgas will summarize the meaning of the treaty for Bulgaria by presenting information from original museum materials.

The Neuilly Peace Treaty is part of the Versailles system of treaties that ended the participation of Bulgaria and its allied Central Powers in the First World War. It was signed by the Bulgarian side, under the enormous pressure of the Covenant, by Prime Minister Alexander Stamboliyski on November 27, 1919 in the City of Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Sein. Ratified on February 15, 1920, the treaty in the next century proves to be the most decisive, with its severe consequences for our national destiny. From today's view of the historians and in the spirit of European understanding, some of the effects of the treaty are perceived as corroborable or subject to historical clarification and peaceful rehabilitation by all the heir countries of the warring countries.

The traditional Saturday lecture at the museum is at 11.30 hours, in the presentation room of the Natural History Exposition (30, K. Fotinov Str.). The entrance fee is preferential - for adults 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.

10 icons from the collection of Burgas Museum "await" their benefactors
Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018 - Historical Museum

For a fourth consecutive year the Burgas Museum invites patriotic Bulgarians to help restore valuable Renaissance icons. They are part of the collection of RHM-Burgas from donated and saved works of art. They arrived in the museum in 1995 and 1998 after a police investigations in Burgas. Then the icons were conservated, but in order to return their beauty, they have to be completely restored.

At present, about 10 icons from the collection of the Historical Museum need urgent restoration, all of them from the royal order of the iconostasis - about 1 x 0.80 m in size.

As a result of the donation campaign in the past three years and the project "Bulgarian Saints" 11 icons were preserved and restored. They can be seen in the permanent exhibition of the museum, and the sponsors are mentioned below.

The initiative is part of the donation campaign Autumn 2018, which allows for tax reductions at the end of the calendar year. With a donation for culture, you can reduce the amount of annual tax bases by up to 15 per cent.

For more information contact: tel. 00359 56 841 815 - Historical Museum (Burgas, 31 Lermontov Str.) or e-mail:

Lecture "Black Sea in Antiquity" in the Burgas Museum this Saturday
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018 - Global

Black Sea through the eyes of historians is the subject of the museum lecture this Saturday - November 17. Milena Damaskova from the Archaeological Exposition will summarize the research on the development of our coast in the Antiquity and how it has been influenced by the dynamic of the sea level rise and fall. As a result of this process today, a number of ancient settlements and harbours are under water, and their existence remains a mystery to scientists.

The Black Sea was probably known to the people who inhabited the Eastern Mediterranean already during the second millennium BC. Experienced seafarers and later explorers formed the popular concept of "the Black, Finite, North Sea," which is also found in the works of early Christian authors. The lecture will present information from medieval sources and maps of the coastal areas of Byzantium and Bulgaria at that time.

The traditional Saturday lecture at the museum starts at 11.30 hours in the presentation room of the Natural History exposition (30, K. Fotinov Str.) The entrance fee is preferential - for adults 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.

What we call "Divan Chapraze," explains a Burgas ethnographer this Saturday
Tuesday, 06 Nov 2018 - Global

The museum lecture this week is peeping into the old chests, where the girls held their most precious accessories. It is dedicated to the chaprases - exquisitely decorated plates on a women's belt, also called "pafti", "pahti", "pufti", "pelti". They are an important part of the traditional costume of the Bulgarian woman and fasten the look to the exquisite waist. Different in shape, size, way of making, material, the "patfi" carry a rich symbolism, and the images on them are a reflection of folk concepts and beliefs.

On November 10, 2018, at 11.30 h. at the Natural History Museum of Burgas (30, K. Fotinov Str.) you will learn more about the traditional jewellery stored in the local ethnographic museum and what is the connection between the phrase "Divan chapaz" and the "chaprazi" itself. Lecturer is Rositsa Topalova, curator of the Ethnography Department.

The entrance fee is preferential - for adults 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.

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