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The museum lecture this Saturday is on the topic "BEAUTIFUL ... AS THE ICON"
Tuesday, 02 Oct 2018 - Global

The beginnings of the winter season in RHM Burgas start with new lectures from its educational program. The lectures will be held with a different time and place than the previous season. The new schedule starts this Saturday (October 6th) at 11.30 h. in the hall of the Natural History Museum (Burgas, 30 K. Fotinov Str.) and the first lecture is with the curious title "Beautiful ... as an icon ".

The entrance fee for the lectures is preferential. The price for adults is 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.

The tendencies in the digitization of cultural and scientific heritage major subject of a three-day forum in Burgas
Thursday, 27 Sep 2018 - Global

Serious games, digitization in help of the creative tourism sector and free access to scientific research are the highlights of the 8th International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage - DiPP2018. It will be held from 27th to 29th of September in "Georgi Baev" Hall of Cultural Center Sea Casino.

The conference is organized by the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with Regional Academic Center and Regional historical museum - Burgas. Official guests at the opening were Deputy Burgas District Governor Prof. Sevdalina Turmanova, together with the deputy mayors of the Burgas Municipality - Yordanka Ananieva and Ruska Boyadzhieva, the directors of the Burgas cultural institutes and the state archive.

Within three conference days, scientists from 6 countries will present in 27 reports innovative results, research projects and applications in the field of digitization, documentation, archiving, visualization and preservation of cultural and scientific heritage.
During the scientific forum, trends will be presented in the development of the so-called "serious games" that help students learn the historical material from their textbooks in a fun way. Thracian Architecture Professor Malvin Ruseva will present a game "The Thracians", which was developed under the National Program for the Study and Presentation of the Thracian monuments. The game is tested among 3rd, 4th and 7th grade students in Sofia schools and will be demonstrated during the European Night of Researchers at CC "Sea Casino".

The game is accessible from

The new generations live in another information world full of virtuality, the conference organizers say. "In order to reach the young and to attract them to the Bulgarian culture and history, we have undertook several game developments using added reality. They present the Thracian civilization and the period of the Liberation of Bulgaria. We are also keen to create a "serious" game for the cultural heritage of the Burgas region and above all the archaeological site Aquae Calidae, which is a kind of a "well" of the time "- Prof. Radoslav Pavlov said.

Within DiPP2018, an information day was organized to ensure free access to research. Its organizer is Prof. Petar Stanchev from IMI BAS.
"Research and their results should be in the benefit of our society and their importance to reach all citizens - from students to entrepreneurs, companies and institutions," added Deputy Governor Prof. Sevdalina Tourmanova, who represents the regional unit of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Burgas.

The Forum is held under the patronage of UNESCO and is part of the European Heritage Days and European Night of Researchers - 28.09.2018. On Friday at 17:00, as a part of the conference will be demonstrated:
• Three-dimensional interactive presentations of historically-related significant complexes, bearers of the Eastern Orthodox culture and art from the Renaissance: church and monastery complexes - architecture, frescoes, iconography;
• Mobile application BOOK @ HAND BIDL for Bulgarian icons;
• Experimental web-based game application for interactive presentation and study of Thracian civilization and culture.
Participants in the research are scientists from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Research Institute of Automation and Computing (MTA SZTAKI) at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

An international conference presents in Burgas the problems of the digitization of cultural and scientific heritage
Monday, 24 Sep 2018 - Global

Burgas will be host for second consecutive year of the International Conference on "Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage" - DiPP2018, which will take place from 27th to 29th September in the Cultural Center "Sea Casino".

The Forum is under the patronage of UNESCO and is part of the European Researchers' Night. In the three conference days scientists from 6 countries will present in 27 reports their innovative results, research projects and applications in the field of digitization, documentation, archiving, visualization and preservation of cultural and scientific heritage. The working language of the conference will be English.

The organizers of the international conference are the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of BAS in cooperation with the Regional Academic Center of Burgas and the Regional Historical Museum Burgas.
The official opening ceremony of the forum will take place at 12.30 am on 27.09.2018 (Thursday) in Cultural Center "Sea Casino".

A brief press conference will be held at 10:00 h. on 27.09.2018 (Thursday) in the central hall of the Archaeological Museum of Burgas (21, Bogoridi Street).

Програма по часове >>

Friday, 21 Sep 2018 - Archeological Museum

This content is not available in English or is awaiting translation.

The Exhibition "19th Century Luxury" will be presented in Karnobat
Thursday, 20 Sep 2018 - Historical Museum

On 20.09.2018, Thursday, at 17:00h., in the hall of the Archaeological Museum in Karnobat, the exhibition "19th Century Luxury" will be opened for visitors. The exhibition is as a joint project of of Regional historical museum - Burgas and Regional historical museum - Russe.
The exhibition is held in Karnobat on the occasion of the city's celebration - September 26th.

The exhibits are part of the collections of luxury objects, which RHM Burgas in 1996 and 2000 after their detention by Customs Burgas, in an attempt to smuggle cultural heritage through the territory of Bulgaria. In the period 2008 - 2016 the objects are included in the exhibition "Donated and Rescued Treasures", which for years enjoyed high visitor interest in the hall of the Historical Exposition in Burgas on 31 Lermontov" St.

The "French Collection" received in the museum in 1996 includes 13 desk clocks, 32 pcs. vases and 11 pcs. candlesticks, lampshades, chandeliers, silver trays, silver liquor service and a boudoir. In 2000, they were detained at the Customs and sent to the Museum, the "Romanian collection", which contains paintings, picture frames, mirrors, carved chest and workshops made in Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italian studios and part of the interiors of European homes from the early 20th century.

"The 19th Century Luxury" presents the trends and ideas in art from the time of the European Enlightenment, the changes that followed the Industrial Revolution in England, the modernization and development of creative images in the 19th to the early 20th century.
For more than three years now the Regional Museums of Burgas and Russe have united around the topic "The 19th Century Luxury". Thus, the Burgas collection of "rescued treasures", in the form of a mobile exhibition, reaches an wider audience.

Unknown fortress wall and tower were discovered at the excavations of the Rusokastro fortress
Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018 - Archeological Museum

An unknown fortress wall, ending with a round battle tower, was discovered during the studies of the medieval Bulgarian town Rusokastro. It descends from the northern end of the castle to the northwest, and guard the way to the main entrance of the fortress.

The newly revealed wall is 2.5 to 2.9 m wide and is preserved at a height of 2.1 m. It is laid directly on the rock and overcomes a 4 m displacement. It is made of stone slabs with mortar. The tower is round, dense, with a diameter of 5.3 m. Ceramics from 13-14 centuries have been found around it, as well as two coins that are yet to be identified.

The studies of the Rusokastro Fortress are conducted by the Regional historical museum of Burgas and are funded by the Municipality of Kameno and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Free group guides for European Days of Heritage
Tuesday, 18 Sep 2018 - Global

In the European Days of Heritage (21-23.09.2018) the Regional Historical Museum Burgas will offer free group guides for the guests of its four expositions - Archaeological, Ethnographic, Historical and Natural History. In each of the three days the museum curators will have two lectures, from which the visitors will learn interesting facts about the exhibits as well as about the history of Burgas region.

Free lectures will offered upon the following schedule:
Ethnographical Museum (Burgas, 69 Slavyanska Str.) - 10.30 and 16.30 h.
Archaeological Museum (Burgas, 21 Al. Bogoridi Str.) - 11.30 and 17.30 h.
Historical Museum (Burgas, 31 Lermontov Str.) - 12.30 and 15.30 h.
Natural History Museum (Burgas, 30 K.Kotinov Str.) - 13.30 h.

The first book for Aquae calidae has been published
Saturday, 15 Sep 2018 - Global

The three-day celebrations in Tourist and archaeological complex Aquae Calidae began with presentation of the first book dedicated to the ancient mineral baths and the recently completed conservation and restoration works.
The luxurious edition carries the title "Aquae Calidae - the favourite baths of emperors, tsars and sultans" It marks the 10th year of systemic archaeological excavations in the Burgas Mineral Baths, summarizing their results so far. The book consists of 200 pages full color print with many photos and information in Bulgarian, English and Turkish.

"Aquae Calidae - the favourite baths of emperors, tsars and sultans" has a limited edition of 300 copies and will be used mostly for representative purposes to advertise the archaeological site.
The issue of the book is part of the project "TOGETHER", funded by Interreg-IPP Bulgaria - Turkey Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.
Official guests of the presentation were the Consul of the Republic of Turkey in Burgas Nuray Inontepe, the Deputy Governor of Burgas District Prof. Sevdalina Tourmanova, public figures and historians.
The program for the next two days in Aquae Calidae continues with a mediaeval festival, a fire show, interesting historical talks, demonstrations and more. There will also be a festive edition of the Art&Facts initiative. In open-air workshops, children will make bracelets or medallions of ceramic elements as well as stamped leather souvenirs. Purchasers of products can visit the Aquae Calidae Museum and watch a 3D movie for free. The fees are 3 BGN for one item and 1 BGN for a second item.

A new extraordinary find was discovered during the excavations of Rusokastro fortress
Thursday, 23 Aug 2018 - Archeological Museum

The archaeologists, exploring the medieval Bulgarian town of Rusokastro, were delighted by an unexpected find. The excavation of a monumental building in the fortress castle has revealed a truncated cone made of striped Chalcedon, also known as agate. This is a very hard precious stone, which is highly valued both in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The find is extremely polished, and is a rare example of medieval jewellery. Only a fraction of one half of the entire subject is found. It has been drilled with very great end-to-end craftsmanship and probably has been mounted on a metal or wooden spike through the circular groove.

So far, Burgas archaeologists, exploring the medieval town of Rusokastro, have found no analogue to this exquisite ornament. They suggest that it was used for decoration of the back of a ceremonial chair like a throne. A final answer to this question will only be given when discovering another similar subject.

This jewellery piece was discovered together with a silver coin of the Bulgarian Tsar Todor Svetoslav Terter (reigned between 1300-1322).
The find has a preserved height of 5 cm, but it was much higher. Its diameter was 4.7 cm. It is a very beautiful specimen of agate with colourful stripes in a brown-purple tone.

The excavations of the medieval fortress town of Rusokastro are conducted by the Regional historical museum of Burgas and are financed by the Municipality of Kameno and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

See the exhibition "Bulgarian refugees in our memory" from 23 August in Malko Tarnovo
Wednesday, 22 Aug 2018 - Ethnographical Museum

The exhibition of RHM Burgas "The Bulgarian refugees in our memory" will be part of the Summer cultural days organized in the municipality of Malko Tarnovo.

The exposition presenting the difficulties and the road of the Bulgarian refugees can be visited from 11.30 hours on 23.08.2018 (Thursday) in the Hall of Community Center "Prosveta 1914" (Malko Turnovo).

The exhibition "Bulgarian Refugees in Our Memory" was realized in 2016 as a part of the project funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. It summarizes historical information about the Bulgarians from Asia Minor, Eastern and Western Thrace, who were driven away from their native places in the period 1912-1913 and ran to the borders of the new Bulgarian state as refugees - immigrants. One of the major centers of these processes is the area of ​​Malko Tarnovo.

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