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Luxury objects from the collection of Burgas Museum visit Ruse
Monday, 21 Mar 2016 - Historical Museum

On 18.03.2016, Friday, Ruse History Museum opened the exhibition "The Luxury of XIX century" with guest exhibits from Regional Historical Museum - Burgas.

Joint exhibition presents trends and ideas in the fine arts from the era of European Enlightenment, the changes followed the Industrial Revolution in England, modernization and development of creative images in the 19th to early 20th century.
The objects have been selected in Burgas from the confiscated in 1996 "French Collection" including 13 desk-clocks, set of 32 vases and 11 candlesticks, lampshades, chandeliers, silver trays, silver service for liquor, bracket lamps, and part of the boudoir. Infiltrating into the everyday life, the French applied art brings the finesse and elegance of the French aristocracy that is why their samples have never lasting value and serve as models for generations of art creators. The second collection captured in 1998 at the Boarder custom Malko Tarnovo, consists of 96 objects of the decorative and fine art - wooden furniture, paintings depicting the European classicism and impressionism.

Regional museums Burgas and Ruse united around the theme "The Luxury of XIX century" and for the first time are showing it together in public. Thus the Burgas collections of confiscated items are included in a mobile exhibition and so they can reach a wider audience.

Presentation of the Lent ritua in Ethnographic Museum
Friday, 11 Mar 2016 - Ethnographical Museum

On 11.03.2016, from 11:00h. the Ethnographic Museum of Burgas (69 Slavyanska St.) will host a public presentation of the Bulgarian Lent rituals with the help of the elders from Lyulyakovo village, Community Center "Prosveta" and students from "Bratya Miladinovi" School in Burgas. On the Lent fires, kukers, who chase evil forces and avid darts of wild dogwood, is dedicated a lecture with a presentation.
We will be expecting you!

Admission free day in Regional Burgas Museum on 3rd of March - Bulgarian Liberation day
Wednesday, 02 Mar 2016 - Global

[img left][/img]On 3 March - Liberation Day in Bulgaria, Regional History Museum - Burgas will be open free of charge from 9:00 to 17:00.

Our Museums in Burgas:
• Natural History Museum, Burgas, 30 K. Fotinov St.

• Historical Museum, Burgas, 31 Lermontov St.

• Ethnographic Museum, Burgas, 69 Slavyanska St.

• the Archaeological Museum (Burgas, 21 Bogoridi St.) will stay closed for visitors due to inventory review.

Repair favorite museum to children of Burgas on the program "Beautiful Bulgaria"
Tuesday, 01 Mar 2016 - Natural-History Museum

The project of Regional Historical Museum Burgas for the repair of the building - a cultural monument, which houses the Natural-history exposition, has been selected for funding under the Program "Beautiful Bulgaria".
The repair works will begin in the upcoming months and will continue until the end of 2016. These will include complete replacement of the roof, restoration and repainting of the façade with all decorative elements, construction of drainage to protect the building from groundwater, replacement of the entire electrical system and the old lighting with energy saving. A modern fire alarm system will be set to ensure maximum protection of the museum exhibits. The comfort of visitors and curators will be facilitate by the insulation of external walls and outdated windows.

On February 27, Saturday, Burgas museum will be at Expo Center Flora
Friday, 26 Feb 2016 - Global

On February 27 (Saturday) all four expositions of RHM Burgas will be closed to visitors.
Curators of the Ethnographic and Natural-history expositions will expect you in Hall 1 of Expo Center Flora, where between 10.00 to 16.00 will continue the museum "Workshop for martenitsas". Everyone will be able to create own martenitsas from woven colorful threads and minerals, or choose from finished martenitsas made by the museum staff with a lot of love and wishes for health and luck.

Youth Red Cross is involved in "Maystorilnitsata for martenitsi"
Friday, 26 Feb 2016 - Ethnographical Museum

This year's "Workshop for martenitsi" of Regional History Museum Burgas join the charity campaign of the Youth Red Cross. Volunteers from the organization together with people from Sheltered Housing for people with mental problems - Burgas acquainted with techniques for making traditional martenitsas in the hall of the Ethnographic Museum. With the help of curators they created their own martenitsas which will be offered on a charity bazaar organized by the Red Cross Burgas.

"Workshop for martenitsas" continues tomorrow (Saturday, March 27), when from 10.00 to 16.00 the curators of Ethnography and Natural History Museum will expect you in Hall 1 of Expo Center "Flora". Everyone will be able to create own martenitsas from woven colorful threads or with minerals.

Those who were unable to visit the workshop will be able to buy ethnomartenitsas or martenitsas with minerals for each zodiac sign in front of the Archaeological Museum on Monday (March 29) from 10.00 to 17.00.

Burgas Museum and Expo Center Flora invite you along to "CRAFTSHOP FOR MARTENITSAS"
Wednesday, 17 Feb 2016 - Global

Burgas Museum dedicated its fifth volume of scientific collectanea to Tsonya Drazheva
Monday, 08 Feb 2016 - Global

On 16.01.2016, Burgas Museum welcomed from print its fifth volume of scientific collectanea. It is released in memory of Tsonya Drazheva - longtime director of the Burgas museum, archaeologist, historian, museum expert and public person. The book contains 343 pages in format A4, with color cover, luxurious black and white illustrations. It is compiled by Milen Nikolov for the publisher Regional Historical Museum Burgas.

Burgas celebrates 138 years since the Declaration of its Freedom
Friday, 05 Feb 2016 - Global

A curious historical exhibition will give a start to the celebrations on the occasion of 138 years of the Liberation of Burgas. The history of Burgas region in the 19th c. will be presented by texts and photos.

The exhibition, which was prepared and submitted by Regional Historical Museum of Burgas traces the contribution of Russian aristocratic Lermontov family during the war, the importance of Colonel Lermontov and his daughter Alexandra of Burgas, and their efforts to normalize the life in the city.

The exhibition named "The liberation of Burgas region and the contribution of Lermontov family in connection with the recovery of Burgas" will open on February 3rd / Wednesday / 6.00 PM in the Cultural Center "Casino" and it can be seen until February 11th.

The show pays a special attention to the report of Colonel Lermontov, which tells about the arrival of Russian troops in Burgas on 06.02.1878, and their solemn meeting with the local populations.

Its writer and director is Georgi Raykov and the presenter will be the actor Plamen Karov. The beginning is on February 4th at 6.00 PM in Cultural Center "Casino".

The "wise grandpa" - 150 years since the birth of Stoyan Rusev - Dyado Blago
Monday, 01 Feb 2016 - Historical Museum

Who is this "wise grandpa" Blago?

Stoyan Rusev was born on February 2, 1866 in the village of Zabernovo, Malko Tarnovo. In his youth he participated in the struggles of Strandzha region for liberation from Ottoman rule.

He graduated from high school in Sliven and then for fifty-three years has been a teacher in various villages, as well as in Burgas and Sofia. From very young age Stoyan Rusev became interested in folk customs, tales and songs, observed the nestinari rituals, collected folk works from Burgas region and presented them in a rhymed way so well that a large part of his riddles, tales and word games were accepted as folk art. From 1894 to 1897 he published the magazine "Gradinka" where the readers could find riddles and word games. In every issue the author offered a different story by the Brothers Grimm, translated in Bulgarian and of course beautifully illustrated. In 1896 the majority of these stories he published in a separate booklet. In the subsequent years, he started publishing the newspaper "Slaveiche", which was also well known and loved by generations of children. In the same period Stoyan Rusev adopted the pseudonym Dyado Blago, with which he became famous.

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