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Festive time for St. George's weekend
Wednesday, 04 May 2016 - Global

RHM Burgas informs that its exhibitions will be open with the following working times during the St.George's holidays:
6th May St.George's Day from 10:00 to 16:00 hours
7th and 8th May - closed.

We wish you happy St. George's holidays!

Competition for the Cup of the Natural History Museum Burgas 2016
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 - Natural-History Museum

This year Burgas Museum will award for the fifth consecutive time the Cup of Natural History Museum Burgas. The competition will take place as part of the Week of Europe in partnership with Regional Information Center - Burgas.

This year the theme of the competition is "The migration of birds".
The competition will take place on the 14th of May 2013 from 10:30 at Ohlyuva in the Sea Garden Burgas.
For questions or participation in the competition, please call 056/8432 39 or ask directly at the Natural-History Museum (Burgas, 30 K.Fotinov St.)

Bright Easter holidays from the team of Burgas Museum
Thursday, 28 Apr 2016 - Global

RHM Burgas informs that the four exhibitions will be closed in the period:
29 and 30 April and 1 and 2 May 2016.

We wish you happy Easter holidays!

Join the Easter Bagrilnitsa on 28 April in the garden next to the Burgas Clock
Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016 - Ethnographical Museum

On the fourth day of the Holy Week, Regional Historical Museum and Municipality Burgas organize "Bagrilnitsa" for Easter eggs.
Come tomorrow, April 28, in the garden next to the Burgas Clock at 12:00, when together with our friends from Community Center "Prosveta" Lyulyakovo, we will demonstrate in front of children from school "Ivan Vazov" Burgas, how to coulour the eggs with natural materials and then streak them with traditional techniques.

Meeting with representative of the tourist bransh
Thursday, 21 Apr 2016 - Global

Dear friends and colleagues working in the field of tourism
On April 28, 2016 (Thursday) at 11:00, we invite you to a cup of coffee in the Historical Museum of Burgas (31 Lermontov St.) to introduce and discuss opportunities to visit cultural sites in the municipality of Burgas during summer 2016 .

In short presentations Regional Historical Museum Burgas, Tourist Information Centre and Cultural Center "Casino" will present:
• "The Golden Treasures in the halls of the Archaeological Museum during Summer 2016";
• "The exhibitions and expositions of Burgas museum for the period 21 May to 30 September";
• "St. Anastasia Island and Aquae Calidae this season";
• "The upcoming exhibitions at the Cultural Center" Casino "in summer 2016".

Following them in a discussion we hope to hear your expert opinion and vision of the services offered in this season, and from 12:00 we will entertain you with the animation "Bagrilnitsa" organized by the Ethnographic Museum in the garden next to the Burgas Watch.
The meeting is organized for representatives of tourism companies, tour guides and experts in the field of tourism.

For more information:

GERGANA DANABASHEVA - Expert tourism in RIM Burgas
Tel: 0879011711

Lazaruvane with a ritual doll this Friday in the city center of Burgas
Wednesday, 20 Apr 2016 - Ethnographical Museum

On 22.04.2016 (Friday) at 10:00 hours, the yard of the Ethnographic Museum Burgas (ul. Slavyanska 69) will be the starting point of the group of lazarkas from Community Center Prosveta, village of Lyulyakovo led by Veneta Staneva. Carrying ritual doll named Lazarus, they will tour the museum houses, the buildings of Regional Library "P.Yavorov", Municipality and District Administration Burgas. With songs they will wish health and prosperity to each of the "owners" and their beautiful costumes will entertain the citizens of Burgas during the celebration.

The full inventory check is now completed, the Burgas museums return to normal working time
Monday, 04 Apr 2016 - Global

A full inventory check is now completed in the four expositions of the Regional Historical Museum Burgas.
From April 5, 2016 the Ethnographic (69 Slavianska St.) and Historical expositions (31 Lermontov St.) will return to their normal working hours: Thusday - Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00.
The Archeological exposition (21 Bogoridi St.) will open a week later - on April 12, due to the ongoing renovation of the second and third hall.
As previously announced, from April 4, the Natural-history exposition (30 K. Fotinov St.) is closed to visitors due to the upcoming overhaul of the building - a monument of culture under the Program "Beautiful Bulgaria".

Pres realise in connection with the information on gigantic skeletons, found during excavations at the fortress of Rusokastro
Friday, 01 Apr 2016 - Archeological Museum

In fact, in 2011, obtaining inert material near the fortress Rusokastro are affected graves of the great necropolis belonging to one at the fortress Rusokastro. In the necropolis has two horizon.
In the first burials are from the XIII century. The dead are laid in hewn into the rock rectangular pits. Skeletons in these pits in 3 or 4 cases were quite long - their length reached 1.80-1.83 m. This means that in life people were high on QA. 1.95-2.00 m. This is rare in the Middle Ages, but not uncommon and not about "giants vanished civilization" as is quoted in some media.

Last days to visit the Natural History Museum
Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 - Natural-History Museum

Only a few days remain to visit Natural History Museum of Burgas. In early April the museum will close for long-awaited renovation of its building.

In February Regional History Museum Burgas in partnership with Municipality Burgas won a project under the Programme "Beautiful Bulgaria" for the repair of the building - a monument of culture, located on 30 K. Fotinov St.
The repair works will continue until the end of 2016 and will include complete replacement of the roof, restoration and repainting the façade with all decorative elements, construction of drainage to protect the building from groundwater, replacement of the entire electrical system and the old lighting with energy saving.

Natural History Museum will be open until April 2 (Saturday), from 9:00 to 17:00.

Burgas Museum presented rescued and bought records from the Balkan War
Monday, 28 Mar 2016 - Historical Museum

On March 28th, in the Historical museum of Burgas (31 Lermontov St.) the museum specialists presented in fornt of journalists and public an archive unknown til now, consisting of 400 documents created by Major Hristo Popov, military and political activist, assistant commandant of Burgas fortified point in 1912-13. The archive was found in the summer of 2015, then bought from a private person and is now stored in the collection of RHM Burgas. Contents include military logs, orders, communiques, letters and more.

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