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Day of open doors in all four museums on March 3rd - Bulgarian Liberation's day
Thursday, 03 Mar 2011 - Global

From March 1st, all museums in Burgas will be open for visitors from Monday to Friday between 9:00 - 17:00.
On March 3rd, Bulgaria's national holiday, the museums in Burgas will be open for visitors free of charge from 10:00 to 16:30.

Happy First of March!
Tuesday, 01 Mar 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

[img right]uploads/images/misc/martenitsa.jpg[/img][justify]First of March marks the beginning of the spring-summer season. This holiday is also called "Marta", "Martichka", "Gadalushka", "Kichilka.
Today matenitsa is a symbol of our faith in the renewal power of spring, our hope for more prosperity and fertility. In the past it was believed that the martenitsas on one hand could protect people from disasters, diseases and misfortune as they "drive away the evil", on the other hand bring health, success and happiness.
Even today they are made from white and red treads:
White colour symbolizes innocence, spiritual purity and longevity;
and the Red colour - the fire, blood and life itself.[/justify]

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In anticipation of Baba Marta
Sunday, 27 Feb 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

The annual contest "Martenitsa in the traditional Bulgarian culture" was organized by Municipality Burgas, Municipal Children's Complex and Regional Historical Museum Burgas. It is an expression of our desire to preserve this Bulgarian custom from ancient times to gift a Martenitsa as a charm for health, fertility and good fortune. The magic created of white and red thread captured once again the contestants - students from schools in Burgas region. They proved themselves as true artists using mostly natural materials. Following all the requirements of the Bulgarian tradition, the children have created unique, authentic martenitsa charms. Students from First Bulgarian Sunday School “St. Ivan Rilski”, Hativa and Engera, Spain led by Mrs. K.Miteva and V.Bozhanova, joined this years contest.

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This year Mesni i Sirni Zagovezni will be celebrated on 27.02 and 06.03.
Saturday, 26 Feb 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

[img right]uploads/images/misc/P2250015.jpg[/img][justify]Mesni Zagovezni is a moveable feast in the Bulgarian Orthodox calendar. This feast’s date is not fixed in the civil calendar and varies depending on the date of Easter. Mesni Zagovezni is always celebrated on a Sunday eight weeks before Easter. This year Mesni Zagovezni will be celebrated on 27.02, which means Sirni Zagovezni will be on 06.03. Sirni Zagovezni is celebrated seven weeks before Easter. The evening of this feast is spent with members of close families. Until dinner time the custom for “forgiveness” has to be completed – the younger kiss hands of an older, in such way seek and receive forgiveness for their mistakes and insults.
[url=index.php?tab=ethno&lang=[curlang]&page=encyc&enc=rituals&eid=70]Learn more about the customs related to Mesni and Sirni Zagovezni.[/url]
On Sunday between Mesni and Sirni Zagovezni, one of the most vivid traditions is the kukeri (mummers') games. Participants in these games are only bachelors and young men. [/justify]

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Second Joint Initiative of Burgas English Language School’s Literary Society and RIM Burgas
Friday, 25 Feb 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

On 25.02.2011 in the Ethnographic Museum for the second time, a joint initiative of the Burgas English Language School’s Literary Society and RIM Burgas has taken place.
The upcoming spring holidays provoked this youth talk about the wonderful Bulgarian tradition on March 1st and the most beautiful feeling - love.
Performed were poems and essays written by the young artists, led by the Bulgarian language and literature teacher Dora Lazarova.

Eco-club "Vaya"
Thursday, 10 Feb 2011 - Natural-History Museum

Part of
Natural History Department by Regional Historical Museum - Burgas

[img left]uploads/images/misc/chapli.jpg[/img]Dear naturalists if you want to learn many interesting facts about nature, plants and animals, we would welcome you in our eco-club "Vaya".
At the end of 2007 an eco-club has been created by the Natural History Department of Regional Historical Museum Burgas in order to attract everyone interested in the Bulgarian nature and its preservation. We called it after the name of our Burgas lake - "Vaya".

The club activities include lectures on various biological and ecological topics, film screenings for plants, animals, rocks and minerals, and trips to the nature for study and conservation.

Club meetings: every Thursday from 10:00 am and 14:00 pm in the hall of Natural History Museum in Burgas (St. K. Fotinov 30).
There are no age restrictions. The only condition is to love animals and nature, and desire to learn something new.

Natural History Department of RIM Burgas:
Tel. +359 56 843 239

[url=uploads/ekoklubvaia.pdf]Download in pdf[/url]

Regional Museum Burgas in the National Assembly with an exhibition dedicated to the Liberation of Burgas region
Monday, 07 Feb 2011 - Historical Museum

[img left]uploads/images/misc/posreshtane.jpg[/img] On February 9 at 11:00 in the lobby of the National Assembly, the exhibition of the Regional Historical Museum Burgas in partnership with Municipality Burgas - "The Liberation of Burgas region and the contribution of Lermontov family in the Russo-Turkish Liberation War and the restoration of Burgas in 1878" will be opened.
The exhibition presents the different story of Burgas region, which connects the southern coast and south-eastern Thrace. During the nineteenth century there were two Russo-Turkish wars - in 1828-29, and 1877-78 in this region, but they didn’t materialise the national liberation ideas of the local Bulgarian population.
For the liberation of Burgas region fought a certain Russian gentlefolk family, member of which is also the great Russian poet M. Yu. Lermontov. Nine talented military commanders and one volunteer – an open-hearted nurse, three generations accepted as their life mission the liberation of Bulgaria and specifically tied their fate to the Burgas region.
Today the contact with Lermontov family continues, the successors of Lermontov have created the foundation "Lermontov’s heritage" with branches worldwide, including Burgas.

133 anniversary of the Burgas Liberation
Sunday, 06 Feb 2011 - Historical Museum

Curators from Regional Historical Museum - Burgas participated in the celebrations of 133 anniversary of the Burgas Liberation. They presented flowers to the memorial of A. M. Lermontov and the Liberators Monument.

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International Wetlands Day
Wednesday, 02 Feb 2011 - Natural-History Museum

[justify] Full of emotions we celebrated the International Wetlands Day in the Natural-History Exposition - Burgas. 20 students from upper classes of the Burgas schools - Konstantin Preslavski School and High School of Mathematics Acad N. Obreshkov, joined in a competition organized by the Regional History Museum - Burgas in partnership with BSPB and RIOSV. All participants demonstrated impressive knowledge on the wetlands around Burgas, their inhabitants and the threats hanging over these important habitats and in particular several bird species that are worldwide endangered. Undisputed favourites in the competition were the teams of Boyana Atanasova, Branimira Yordanova and Daniela Yordanova from High School of Mathematics Acad N. Obreshkov, and Roxanna Kantardjieva and Yanita Kondova from Konstantin Preslavski School. They received a well deserved first place.[/justify]

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February 2 - International Wetlands Day
Tuesday, 01 Feb 2011 - Natural-History Museum

Each year on February 2, we celebrate the International Wetlands Day. On this date in 1971 in Ramsar, Iran, the Convention on Wetlands was adopted. Lake Atanasovsko is among the first four wetlands, which Bulgaria added to the Ramsar document. For our country, the Convention is in force since 1976.
Students from two schools in Burgas will participate in the conference „WETLANDS – THE BLUE WEALTH OF BURGAS. The event is organized by the Regional History Museum - Burgas in partnership with the Bulgarian Society for Birds Protection. Three teams from each school, Konstantin Preslavski School and High School of Mathematics Acad N. Obreshkov, will present the richness of Burgas lakes in multimedia presentations. There will be prizes for all participants.
Participants in the student conference will be able to view the exhibition “Lake Atanasovsko - people, birds and salt” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the lake’s declaration as a maintained nature reserve through the implementation of project "Life for the Burgas lakes" part of the EU program LIFE +, by BSPB in partnership with Municipality Burgas.
If you want to learn more about the lakes of Burgas and its bird species variety, as well as to view 18 photographs revealing the unique beauty of Lake Atanasovsko, you are welcome to join the student conference.
The conference will be held on February 2 2011, 10:00 in the hall of Natural-History Exposition – Burgas (ul. Fotinov 30).

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