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Easter at the Ethnographic museum, guests: vocal group for macedonian folklore songs, part of fellowship Pelister.
Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

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Easter workshop at the Ethnographic museum
Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

[url=index.php?tab=ethno&lang=[curlang]&page=encyc&enc=rituals&eid=65]Learn more about the Easter customs[/url]

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Easter Programme
Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

21.04. - Holy Thursday, 10:00 am, Ethnographic Museum
Traditional workshop for Easter eggs colouring
Organizers: RIM Burgas, Community Center "Prosveta" - Dolno Ezerovo, Community Center "Vuzrazhdane" - Rudnik, Community Center "Suglasie" 1905" - Bulgarovo, Community Center "Probuda" - Ravnets

24 April 2011


1. Presentation of the traditional Easter feast
2. Children's Easter games: fighting with eggs and playing on a swing for health.
Organized by: Municipality of Burgas and RIM Burgas
Location: Ethnographic Complex, 10:00 AM

Opening of the exhibition 135 years since the April uprising
Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 - Historical Museum

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135 years since the April uprising in 1876
Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 - Historical Museum

On April 20 we mark 135 years since the April uprising in 1876, the highest and most bloody peak of the Bulgarian national liberation movement in its fight against the Ottoman oppression.
In memory of the heroes who prepared and organized the nationwide uprising in 1876,
Regional History Museum opens an EXHIBITION IN THE HISTORICAL EXPOSITION (Lermontov Str.30) at 17:00.
The exhibition will present the story behind the preparation and outbreak of the uprising in Bulgaria, particular attention is paid to unknown facts about the insurrection in the Second Revolutionary District with center in Sliven, part of which is Burgas region. Presented will be activists and apostles of the national liberation movement in Burgas region, as well as more details and names of resent researched members of Botev’s rebel company, who originate or later lived in Burgas Region.
The exhibition contains a newly obtained copy of the uniform of Second Revolutionary District’s apostle and military instructor George Obretenov. Original weapons and liturgical books of the liberation struggles’ period 1874-76, will be illustrating the dramatic story behind April 1876’s events.

Tatiana Stefanova-Baikusheva’s exhibition "Southern Black Sea coast - from the air and land" for the International Earth Day
Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011 - Natural-History Museum

On April 19 at 2:00 PM in the Natural-history exposition of RIM Burgas, Tatiana Stefanova-Baikusheva’s exhibition "Southern Black Sea coast - from the air and land" will be open for the public. The exhibition presents impressive air and ground nature photographs. The unusual point of view allows us to see familiar locations along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in a new way.
Tatiana Baikusheva is a professional photographer and a journalist with long experience in several Bulgarian newspapers. She is practising high gliding for 6 years together with her husband Galin Baykushev, who is a professional pilot. Thus, she successfully combines the profession and hobby as a result of which creates unique aerial photographs. She participated in multiple exhibitions, one of them independent; her photos have won many awards, including the award for extreme photography of Fotofiesta 2009.
We dedicate this exhibition to the International Earth Day – April 22nd.

In Anticipation of Easter
Friday, 15 Apr 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

Performance of the children’s group "Gubka" from kindergarten "Radost" evoked the Easter mood in the yard of the Ethnographic Museum. Boys and girls dressed in traditional costumes, with their tutors Mrs.Dimitrova, Madjarova and Kirilova, presented songs, dances and games, typical for the rituals and feasts Lazarus day, Palm Sunday and Easter. Joyful excitement reigned among the parents who came to see their children who continue the Bulgarian traditions. The teachers’ enthusiasm, children’ enthusiasm and beautiful spring weather created the festive atmosphere for the upcoming Holy Easter.

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Childrens group "Gubkata" performing in the Ethnographic Museum
Friday, 15 Apr 2011 - Ethnographical Museum

On Friday 15.04 at 10.30 AM, the childrens group "Gubkata" from kindergarten "Radost" will be performing songs and dances associated with spring festivals Lazaruvane, Palm Sunday and Easter in the yard of the Ethnographic Museum.

Tutors: Mrs. Mimi Dimitrova
Mrs. Mara Madjarova
Mrs. Tsanka Kirilova

Ornitologists celebrated Bird Day
Saturday, 02 Apr 2011 - Natural-History Museum

In the cold wet morning of April 1, representatives of Municipality Burgas, RIM Burgas and BSPB prepared and provided everything necessary for bird watching from the balcony of the new sea casino. Despite the bad weather, enthusiasts of all ages were not rare at the meeting point. Ornithologists told the public interesting facts and helped those who want to identify birds in the sky and on the beach.
Our experts noted the passage, mainly on raptors - common buzzard, 3 small hawks, 2 black milvus and one kestrel.

Our Neighbours with Feathers
Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 - Natural-History Museum

Everybody has heard of the Burgas lakes and their birds. Almost every person from Burgas has starred at the huge flocks of white storks flying over the city each year, thousands of pelicans and raptors. But do you know the birds who we share every day our city with? Have you heard the song of a Robin, or have you seen a wren flying above? Join the team of Regional History Museum - Burgas and the Bulgarian Society for Birds Protection and let us meet together to observe the birds at the Sea Garden in Burgas.
International Bird Day - April 1st has been celebrated since 1906, after the Convention on the Protection of Useful Birds was adopted.
From 10:00AM on April 1st, we will be at the Snail in the Sea garden and will bring binoculars and catalogues to show you our feathered neighbours.

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