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On June 25, the four expositions of RHM-Burgas will work free of charge
Monday, 24 Jun 2019 - Global

On June 25 (Tuesday)there will no charge for 10 emblematic tourist sites in Burgas Municipality. Aviomuseum Burgas, "Petya Dubarova" House Museum, St. Anastasia Museum, the four expositions of the Regional Historical Museum of Burgas - Historical, Ethnographic, Archaeological and Natural History, Aquae Calide Tourist Complex, Cultural Center Sea Casino and Burgas Art Gallery" Petko Zadgorski". Anyone wishing to visit the attractions can find more information about the working hours and the exact addresses on the site of GotoBurgas.

Reconstruction of the custom Enyovden in the Burgas museum
Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019 - Ethnographical Museum

The group for authentic folklore "Faikiiski byalki" from the village of Fakia will present the folk custom Enyova bulya and original maiden, bridal and adult costumes from Strandzha.

You are welcome to join the live reconstruction of the custom and pass through the Enyo's wreath for health on June 24 (Monday) at 11:00 h. in the yard of the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas(69 Slavyanska str., Behind St. Cyril and Methodius Church).

Exhibition "Fishes and Fisheries on the Southern Black Sea Coast" from 20 June in Burgas
Monday, 17 Jun 2019 - Global

The exhibition "Fishes and Fisheries on the Southern Black Sea Coast" will offer its visitors an attractive virtual experience "in the open sea". Using VR glasses, you can travel a fishing boat, picking up any wave that crashes into its body. The experience approaches 100% to real fishing with added effects - sunshine, clouds, storms and sounds.

The exhibition will be open on Thursday, June 20th at the Cultural Center "Sea Casino", Al. Kodzhakafaliata Hall, and literally "dives" everyone present in the depths of the Black Sea. In it you will see unmarked artifacts from the marine history of the southern coast - fish dishes, fish baking trays from the 4th century BC, silver coins, fish models from the 3th century BC, fishing gear - nets, hooks, lots, rakes, etc., lead poles, a compass, a sea bell, and models of ships sailing in the Black Sea.

The highlights of the exhibition are reconstructed lead-wood anchor from the 5th to 6th centuries BC, the only known stone stove from a ship and golden fish images. Information boards will tell about all fish species in our sea for 10,000 years. Here you will get acquainted with the most interesting moments of the development of fishing - "Burgas bay on the way of fish passages", "Fishing in the bay through the centuries", "Fishing from Nessebar to Sozopol during the Renaissance", "Livelihood to industrial fishing" "The fish market in Burgas". Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the period "State Fisheries - the Beginning", as well as with the history of the Black Sea and the Sea Fishing. All this together with curious documents, sea legends and pictures will visualize the whole history of fishing on all shores of the southern Black Sea coast.

The exhibition "Fishes and Fisheries on the Southern Black Sea Coast" is organized by the Municipality of Burgas, the Regional Historical Museum of Burgas, the Historical Museum - Sozopol and the Anchovy Museum - Ahtopol.

Exhibition "Gutenberg and the Slavic World" presents in Burgas the history of printing
Monday, 10 Jun 2019 - Historical Museum

The exhibition "GUTENBERG AND THE WORLD WORLD" will be opened at 16:00 on June 14 - Friday at the Burgas Museum of History. In a short lecture, her authors will tell the audience of Burgas about the beginning of the printing process both in Europe and Bulgaria.

"Gutenberg and the Slavic World" is the result of the joint efforts of the Center for Slavonic-Byzantine Studies "Prof. Ivan Dujchev "at Sofia University" St. Kliment Ohridski "Foundation, Elena and Ivan Dujchevi Foundation and the State Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. Dedicated to one of the great human discoveries - the invention of the book-printing machine 560 years ago by Johann Guttenberg and his significance for the Slavic world.

The people of Burgas with increasing interest for the Night of Museums
Tuesday, 21 May 2019 - Ethnographical Museum

Nearly 9,000 visitors welcomed the expositions of the Burgas Museum and the Art Gallery during the European Museum Night - May 18th. The citizens of Burgas were in a long queue, reaching the intersection of Bogoridi and Fotinov streets, to see the exhibitions "The memory of Great Bulgaria" and "The Thracian gold treasure of Valchitron" in the "Treasure Hall" of the Archaeological Museum. For all who want to see them again or couldn't to enter in the Night of the Museums, the treasures will remain in Burgas to the end of September this year.

Due to the interest in restoration demonstrations, the Burgas Museum will organize a special day in which visitors will be able to learn more about this part of the work with exhibits. An embroidery course will be part of the accompanying program of the exhibition "You will recognize them by the embroidery" during the summer season at the Ethnographic Museum.

On Saturday night, the Historical Museum collected funds for the restoration of two icons. Hours before the start of the event, Stoyan Karanenov from Bulgarien Direct Reisen - Hotel Primoretz, declared his desire to donate funds for the restoration of the icon of St. Dimitar. It is one of the eight icons in need of urgent restoration and conservation in the collection of RHM-Burgas. The fundraising campaign continues and anyone willing to donate can get additional information by calling 00359 56 841 815.

From June 1st, the four expositions of the Regional historical museum - Burgas will be open with summer working time - every day from 10:00 to 19:00.

The treasure of Khan Kubrat shines in the Treasur Hall of the Burgas Museum
Friday, 17 May 2019 - Archeological Museum

The exhibition "The memory of Great Bulgaria" will be displayed in the "Treasure Hall" of the Burgas Archaeological Museum (21, A. Bogoridi Street) for the second time due to the great interest of the visitors. It presents the most impressive items of khan Kubrat's treasure from Malaya Pereşchepina - the golden rings with his name, staff, golden goblets and jugs, golden rhyton etc. They are the only museum copies of the originals that are stored in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

The exhibits are owned by the National Museum of History in Sofia and are made especially for the local audience to get closer to the history of the Proto-Bulgarians. The treasure of Khan Kubrat is the largest early medieval treasure ever discovered in Europe. It is composed of gold and silver objects with a total weight of 76 kg, which eloquently illustrate the exceptional economic power of Khan Kubrat, known in the historical science as the "Great Bulgaria".

The Night of Museums in Burgas - May 18, Saturday, will start at 18:00 from the Archaeological Museum. The four expositions of RHM-Burgas have prepared a rich program with demonstrations and entertainment. The children from School "Alexander Georgiev - Kodjakafaliyata" prepared a surprise for the visitors of the Natural History museum. They will give out small models of different species of animals and plants accompanied by special QR codes. This way, every visitor can learn more about his lucky animal by scanning it with his mobile device.

Maestro Emil Tchakarov's tailcoat and baton - emphasis at the Night of Museums in Burgas
Thursday, 16 May 2019 - Historical Museum

The tailcoat and baton of Emil Tchakarov, who won the international competition for conductors under the patronage of Herbert von Karajan in 1971 and from where he began his remarkable world career, are already part of the exposition of the Historical Museum in Burgas.

The donation was made by his former teacher and biographer Radka Pamukova.

Gold treasures, embroidery, demonstrations and many surprises for the 15th Night of Museums in Burgas
Monday, 13 May 2019 - Global

For the 15th consecutive year the Regional historical museum of Burgas will participate in the European Museum Night. In 2019, the event coincided with the International Day of Museums - May 18th.
Traditionally, on this Saturday night, visitors will be able to see the four exhibitions of the Burgas Museum - Archaeological, Ethnographic, Natural history and Historical. Each of them, from 18:00 to 24:00, will be awaiting you with an exciting program and free entrance.

The official opening is at 18:00 h. in the Trezore Hall of the Archaeological Museum (21, Bogoridi Street), where two golden exhibitions will be displayed - "The Thracian Gold Treasure of Valchitrun" and "The Memory of Great Bulgaria. The Treasure of Khan Kubrat from Malaya Pereshchepina ". An hour later will be presented a different moment of work on archaeological finds. The restorer Silvia Borisova will demonstrate techniques for sizing and preparation of the artifacts for restoration.

The program will continue at the Historical Museum (31, Lermontov Street), where at 18:30 for the first time will be shown the great icon of Jesus Christ, restored with public donations from the end of last year. The restorer herself will show live some of icon conservation techniques.

The colorful world of the Bulgarian embroidery will unfold in front of the visitors from 19:00 h. in the Ethnographic Museum (69, Slavyanska Street). The presentation of the national exhibition "You will recognize them in the embroidery" from RHM - Shumen will be accompanied by open embroidery tutorials. On the horo dance in the yard of the museum, this year will invite the Macedonian choir "Gotse Delchev" - Burgas.

Entrance free for visitors in the four expositions from 18.00 to 24.00 h.

Archaeological Museum, 21 Aleko Bogoridi Str.
18.00 Opening of exhibitions:
"The Thracian Gold Treasure from Valchitron" - guest exhibition from Regional historical museum - Pleven.
"The glory of Great Bulgaria. Treasure of Khan Kubrat from Malaya Pereshchepina" - guest exhibition from the National historical museum - Sofia
19.00-20.30 "The Work of the Museum Restorer". Demonstration of the restorer from RHM-Burgas for the preservation of a museum object.

Natural History Museum, 30, K. Fotinov Str.
Permanent exposition

Historical Museum, 31, Lermontov Str.
18.30 Presentation of a restored with public donation icon from the museum fund.
19.00 - 20.30 "How to Restore Icons". Demonstration on conservation and restoration of icons.

Ethnographic Museum, 69 Slavyanska Str.
19.00 Opening of National Exhibition "You will recognize them in the embroidery" - guest exhibition of the Regional historical museum - Shumen.
Music program
Embroidery demonstrations

"Georgi Benkovski" Primary School and the Mathematical High School are the big winners in the competitions of the Burgas Museum
Sunday, 12 May 2019 - Global

In two consecutive days, the Regional historical museum of Burgas offered to the students two amusing events with many awards.

On May 10, the 8th edition of the Competition for the Cup of the Natural history museum was held, marking the International Day of Biodiversity and as a part of the initiative of the Municipality Burgas and District information center - Burgas "Days of Europe". Teams from seven schools competed with their knowledge on Biodiversity in 5 rounds. In the final, the teams chose to answer questions of different difficulty and number of points. The strategy and knowledge of the team from the Nature and Mathematics High School "Acad. Nikola Obreshkov" won them the most points and they grabbed the Cup of the Natural History Museum for 2019.

The second initiative of the Burgas Museum gathered pupils from the first to fourth grade in a tournament for forgotten children's games. Teams from 8 schools competed in favorites for their parents and grandparents games - hopscotch, elastic and dodgeball.

"Georgi Benkovski" Primary School won the final set of games. The second place was for "Bratya Miladinovi" Primary School and the third and fourth respectively "Vasil Aprilov" Primary School and "P.R. Slaveykov" Primary School. The "Igrotlon" was organized by the Ethnographic exposition of RHM-Burgas within the Art Festival "Burgas tvori". The awards were provided by Sutherland Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality. The idea of ​​popularizing the old games will continue next year in the second citywide edition of "Igrotlon".

More photos of both events can be found on our official Facebook page >>

Commemorating the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment
Thursday, 09 May 2019 - Historical Museum

24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment of Her Majesty Queen Eleanor was created on January 19 1889 with a government decree. It was filled in from the military district of Burgas. During the years of its existence, the regiment participates in some of the harshest battles and leaves a strong impression in the Bulgarian military history.
On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the 24th Infantry Regiment, an initiative committee was established under the patronage of the mayor of the Municipality of Burgas - Dimitar Nikolov. A large number of institutions, including the Regional Museum of History in Burgas, organized a series of solemn events on 7 and 8 May 2019.
The program began with the opening of a memorial plaque of regimental regiment Georgi Genchev, commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 24th Regiment in the Balkan War. A photo-documentary exhibition on the history of the regiment, prepared by specialists from the Regional State Archive - Burgas, Regional History Museum - Burgas and Peyo Yavorov Regional Library - was opened at the Army Club in Burgas on May 7, presenting archival photos, documents and books related to the participation of black-men in the wars, as well as the flag of the regiment.The book was presented by Asya Borodzhieva "Towards the Pantheon of the War of Glory".

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