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Red Anemone
Red Anemone (Anemone pavonina) is a perennial flowering plant. The colour of its flowers can...

Long Lipped Serapias
Family Orchid or Orchidaceae is one of the most diverse and the second largest in the plant ...

Mediterranean Yellow-legged Gull
We see it all around us, take it for granted, but in fact we know so little about it. Each y...

We will not forget the heroes
It is time to remember the heroes. For those more than 600,000 people who have taken the pat...

Sand Lily
In the middle of the summer the sand dunes along the southern Black Sea coast begin to be fi...

Macedonian-Adrianopolitan Volunteer Corps
Macedonian-Adrianopolitan Volunteer Corps during the Balkan War Macedonian-Adrianopolitan...

Baptism by Fire
Balkan War 1912 - Baptism by Fire for the Bulgarian Navy The Bulgarian Navy was created o...

24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment
24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment in the Balkan wars 1912 - 1913. 24th Black Sea Infantry ...

No matter how strange, in the Bible story of Original sin the apple is not specified, the ...

Seakale (Crambe maritima) is a perennial halophyte plant (grows in saline soils) and belongs...

Birds as a symbol
Animalistic symbols encoded in the aprons of the Bulgarian women Images of animals drawn ...

Atlantic blue crab
The binomial name of the species Callinectes Sapidus means "beautiful savoury swimmer“, whic...

St. Andrew's Day or Bear's Day
On November 30, all Christians honor the memory of St. Andrew the Apostel. He is one of the ...

Harbour porpoise
The smallest representative of the order Cetacea in the Black Sea is the harbour porpoise (P...

Loddon lily
Leucojum is known in Bulgaria under many names but the official name "blatno kokiche" transl...

Sacer Dung Beetle
The Sacer Dung Beetle (Scarabaeus sacer) is one of the most interesting insects in Bulgaria....

Judas tree
Cercis siliquastrum commonly known in the English speaking countries as Judas tree, is a low...

Varban Varbanov
Varban p.Hristov Varbanov was born on 18.01.1879 in Varna. In 1896 he completed the male hig...

Maritime pine
The maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) is a coniferous tree of medium size, reaching 20-35 m i...

Traditional fishing gear
Fishing gear for inshore fishing through the observations of B. N. Stanev, director of th...

Project Common cultural and historical heritage beyond the borders

Морската градина в Бургас

Culture and Heritage for Responsible, Innovative and Sustainable Tourism Actions

Андела, Андезит

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