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A new collection of figures of a Thracian horseman is exhibite...
A collection of seven new bronze figures of a Thracian horseman is exhibited in the hall of ...

A new book presents the secrets of Cape Emine in Burgas
The new book "Secrets of Cape Emine" by Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov will be presented in Burgas ...

The Burgas Museum shows the nature, traditions and cultural he...
Regional Historical Museum - Burgas will participate in the thematic weekend organized by th...

Sea Garden of Burgas
Everyone who grew up in Burgas can tell at least one romantic story from youth, associated ...

Sea Garden at Hotel Primorets
The foundation of the Sea Garden is laid with the first general plan of Burgas in 1891. 72,0...

Orthodox Church St. Virgin Mary
Orthodox Temple St. Virgin Mary is the eldest among the churches in Burgas. It was built in ...

Monument for Russian soldiers died in 1878 at the first milita...
The monument is situated in place of a previously existed Russian military infirmary created...

Baba Ganka
Baba Ganka (1847-1928) Ganka Stefanova Todorova was born on 14th March 1847, in Jeravna. ...

Foros / Poros
Head of archaeological research Milen Nikolov (2013) and Dr.Tsonya Drazheva (2008-2013), Dep...

Settlement mound Burgas
Head of archaeological research Miroslav Klasnakov Settlement mound on the 10th kilometer...

Niko Popov
Niko Popov (1837 – 1905) Born in Sofia, he graduated from the local Greek school. He trav...

Georgi Petrov Shagunov
Georgi Petrov Shagunov (1873 – 1948) Georgi Petrov Shagunov was born on 15.03.1873 in Plo...

Sava Katrafilov
Sava Katrafilov (1836 – 1876) Sava Katrafilov was born in 1836 in the town of Elena. He g...

Stoyan Shivachev
Stoyan Shivachev (1851 – 1914) Stoyan Shivachev was born 1851 in the town of Malko Tarnov...

Maria Doseva
Maria Doseva Architect Maria Doseva lived and worked in Burgas throughout her life until ...

Ricardo Toscani
Ricardo Toscani (1857-1929) One of the biggest names in the history of architecture in Bu...

Petko Zadgorski
Petko Zadgorski (1902-1974) Petko Ivanov Zadgorski is one of the Burgas’ most famous pain...

Alexander Mikhailovich Lermontov
Alexander Mikhailovich Lermontov (1838-1906) Alexander Mikhailovich Lermontov was born on...

Alexandra Lermontova
Alexandra Lermontova The only daughter of Col. Lermontov - Alexandra abandoned her rich a...

Dimitar Brakalov
Dimitar Todorov Brakalov (1840-1903) In the history of Burgas one of the names that must...

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Морската градина в Бургас

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