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St. Andrew's Day or Bear's Day
On November 30, all Christians honor the memory of St. Andrew the Apostel. He is one of the ...

How was created the amateur opera
How was created the amateur opera in Burgas Before September, 9 1944 the history of music...

Judas tree
Cercis siliquastrum commonly known in the English speaking countries as Judas tree, is a low...

Hristo Fotev
Hristo Konstantinov Fotev was born on March 25 1934 in Istanbul. After 1940 he lived already...

Hostilities of 1/24 Battalion
THE MILITARY ACTIONS OF 1/24 BATTALION IN WORLD WAR II - 2nd PHASE - 1944-1945 according to...

Prehistoric monuments in the territory of modern Burgas
Prehistoric monuments in the territory of modern Burgas Many prehistoric monuments have bee...

Varban Varbanov
Varban p.Hristov Varbanov was born on 18.01.1879 in Varna. In 1896 he completed the male hig...

The area of Burgas on a Roman map
The area of Burgas on a Roman map One of the earliest cartographic sources for our land is ...

Traditional fishing gear
Fishing gear for inshore fishing through the observations of B. N. Stanev, director of th...

Coin of Julius Caesar
Coin of Julius Caesar (Caius Julius Caesar) found in Aquae calidae, Burgas Mineral Baths ...

Burgas Region during the Middle Ages
Burgas Region during the Middle Ages Burgas region takes an important place in the history ...

This type of wind music instruments, aerophones, is known in the East since ancient times. A...

Stoyan Rusev
Stoyan Rusev was born on February 2, 1866 in the village of Zabernovo, Malko Tarnovo. In his...

Denar Mark Antony
Denar of Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius) from the Silver treasure found in Obzor, Nesebar Mun...

Telena uta
Telena uta is a type of apron worn by young women in the villages of northern Karnobat area...

Beroe ovata
The problem of alien species invasion is not new to ecology. Black Sea is a basin with low s...

The Horseman in sgraffito
Author: Milena Damaskova The eyes of the more observant passers-by on the main Burgas st...

Festive costume
Festive costume of the refugees from the village of Catal Tepe Asia Minor settled in Lyulyak...

Marta - dzurka
Krasimira Dubarova - curator in Department "Ethnography" at RHM Burgas An interesting cus...

St. Theodore's Day
The first Saturday after Sirni Zagovezni in the Bulgarian folk calendar is st. Theodore's Da...

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