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Foros / Poros
Head of archaeological research Milen Nikolov (2013) and Dr.Tsonya Drazheva (2008-2013), Dep...

Monument for Russian soldiers died in 1878 at the first milita...
The monument is situated in place of a previously existed Russian military infirmary created...

Panayot Rusaliev
Panayot Rusaliev (1846 – 1922) Graduated from Robert College in Istanbul, he participated...

Georgi Petrov Shagunov
Georgi Petrov Shagunov (1873 – 1948) Georgi Petrov Shagunov was born on 15.03.1873 in Plo...

Alexander Mikhailovich Lermontov
Alexander Mikhailovich Lermontov (1838-1906) Alexander Mikhailovich Lermontov was born on...

Alexandra Lermontova
Alexandra Lermontova The only daughter of Col. Lermontov - Alexandra abandoned her rich a...

We will not forget the heroes
It is time to remember the heroes. For those more than 600,000 people who have taken the pat...

Liberation of Burgas
During the nineteenth century there were two Russo-Turkish wars - in 1828-29, and 1877-78 ...

Burgas municipality
Burgas municipality during the Balkan War On February 6, 1878, the city of Burgas was lib...

Hostilities of 1/24 Battalion
THE MILITARY ACTIONS OF 1/24 BATTALION IN WORLD WAR II - 2nd PHASE - 1944-1945 according to...

The military actions of 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment
The military actions of 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment in the "European" World War I Fr...

Macedonian-Adrianopolitan Volunteer Corps
Macedonian-Adrianopolitan Volunteer Corps during the Balkan War Macedonian-Adrianopolitan...

Baptism by Fire
Balkan War 1912 - Baptism by Fire for the Bulgarian Navy The Bulgarian Navy was created o...

Michael Zelkov
Michael Zelkov, a Burgas publicist and patriot in the Macedonian military Governorate during...

24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment
24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment in the Balkan wars 1912 - 1913. 24th Black Sea Infantry ...

Edirne, 1913
Due to its important strategic location, the city of Edirne and its surroundings have often ...

Flori Florov
In a small workshop near the center of Burgas, hidden among the new buildings of the modern ...

Project Common cultural and historical heritage beyond the borders

Морската градина в Бургас

Culture and Heritage for Responsible, Innovative and Sustainable Tourism Actions

Андела, Андезит

Търговска верига Зора

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