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Bulgarian Folk Music Toys
In the Bulgarian folk tradition already from very young the boys learn in the family - from ...

Hostilities of 1/24 Battalion
THE MILITARY ACTIONS OF 1/24 BATTALION IN WORLD WAR II - 2nd PHASE - 1944-1945 according to...

Coin of Julius Caesar
Coin of Julius Caesar (Caius Julius Caesar) found in Aquae calidae, Burgas Mineral Baths ...

Jewellery from Burgas Region
(Not shown exhibits from the collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas) Folk songs ...

St. Andrew's Day or Bear's Day
On November 30, all Christians honor the memory of St. Andrew the Apostel. He is one of the ...

Denar Mark Antony
Denar of Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius) from the Silver treasure found in Obzor, Nesebar Mun...

Burgas Region during the Middle Ages
Burgas Region during the Middle Ages Burgas region takes an important place in the history ...

The Horseman in sgraffito
Author: Milena Damaskova The eyes of the more observant passers-by on the main Burgas st...

The coast of the sun
In the 50s of the 20th century a few kilometers northwest of Nessebar, there was a picturesq...

The Gold Rings from Aquae Calidae
In 1910-1911, Burgas Municipality performed cleaning of the mineral spring in Burgas Mineral...

Mila Chukleva
Mila Krasteva Chukleva was born on 6 August 1938 in Burgas. Her maternal line is a descenda...

Annual Scientific Readings in Humanities, 2001
Ethnic and religious interactions ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC Readings in Humanities Burgas 2001 -...

The prisms with protowriting from Burgas area
The idea of ​​storing information is as old as the world. To that end early prehistoric soci...

Annual Scientific Readings in Humanities, 2002
The Folklore and Roots of contemporary Culture ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC Readings in Humanities ...

Proceedings of the Conference of the Natural History Museum - ...
Collection of publications from the National Theoretical Conference Burgas - 2005 Natural...

Annual Scientific Readings in Humanities, 2003
Folklore, cultural heritage and tourism ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC Readings in Humanities Burgas ...

Annual Scientific Readings in Humanities, 2004
Traditional symbols and customs in modern festive culture ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC Readings in H...

St. Barbara
St. Barbara is a Christian saint and martyr honoured among both Orthodox and Catholics. In t...

Project Common cultural and historical heritage beyond the borders

Морската градина в Бургас

Culture and Heritage for Responsible, Innovative and Sustainable Tourism Actions

Андела, Андезит

Praktiker BG

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