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Baptism by Fire
Balkan War 1912 - Baptism by Fire for the Bulgarian Navy The Bulgarian Navy was created o...

Michael Zelkov
Michael Zelkov, a Burgas publicist and patriot in the Macedonian military Governorate during...

24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment
24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment in the Balkan wars 1912 - 1913. 24th Black Sea Infantry ...

Edirne, 1913
Due to its important strategic location, the city of Edirne and its surroundings have often ...

Dimitrovden - Day of the builder With the beginning of the Dimitar's month (October) the ...

Pyrite is one of the most common sulphide minerals found in the earth crust. The chemical fo...

December 21
The Mayans considered December 21 for a turning point. Alongside these believes the world st...

Trifon Zarezan
February1st (or 14 February Old Style) is the day of Trifon Zarezan, wineries and winegrower...

No matter how strange, in the Bible story of Original sin the apple is not specified, the ...

Dance Ensemble "Karnota"
Karnobat is a city rich in history and culture. Since ancient times the region has strategic...

Wood carving
Woodcarving is a form of wood working in an artistic way. In the Bulgarian tradition this c...

Bulgarian Folk Music Toys
In the Bulgarian folk tradition already from very young the boys learn in the family - from ...

Jewellery from Burgas Region
(Not shown exhibits from the collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas) Folk songs ...

85 years Community Center
Stidovska Mountain, one of the southern spurs of the Eastern Balkan Mountains - which starts...

Atlantic blue crab
The binomial name of the species Callinectes Sapidus means "beautiful savoury swimmer“, whic...

St. Andrew's Day or Bear's Day
On November 30, all Christians honor the memory of St. Andrew the Apostel. He is one of the ...

Unbaptized days
The days between Christmas and Epiphany (December 25 to January 6) are known in the Bulgari...

Our Cakes 77 years ago
In one of the glass cases of the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas stand open three old notebook...

How was created the amateur opera
How was created the amateur opera in Burgas Before September, 9 1944 the history of music...

Oleander Hawk-moth
It is a very hot summer. Scent of blooming oleanders is in the air. In the twilight of the c...

Project Common cultural and historical heritage beyond the borders

Морската градина в Бургас

Culture and Heritage for Responsible, Innovative and Sustainable Tourism Actions

Андела, Андезит

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