The lecture on December 15 in Burgas museum tells about the custom Polazvane

Образователната програма на РИМ-Бургас „Опознай Бургас и Бургаския край“ продължава тази събота, 15 декември с лекция, посветена на народния празник Игнажден и поверията свързани с него в Странджа. Лектор ще бъде уредник от Етнографската експозици...

The International Exhibition "Apollonia Pontica - in the Footsteps of the Archaeologists" opens in RHM Sofia

RHM Burgas participates with own exhibits in the international exhibition "Apollonia Pontica - in the footsteps of archaeologists". It tells the story of the city, told through archaeological studies that have been ongoing for over a century. The ...

Presentation of a collection of conference papers "1100 years from the Battle of Aheloy"

On 13.12.2018 / Thursday / at 18.00, the Collection of the papers of the international scientific conference "Simeon Bulgaria in the History of the European Southeast: 1100 Years of the Battle at the Aheloy River, 917-2017" will officially be pre...

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Presentation of a colle...Thursday, 18:00
Lecture: IgnazhdenSaturday, 11:30
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Aquae Calidae - the favourite baths of emperors, tsars and sultans
Old fishermen looking for online apprentices
Video Fishing by New Moon
Old fishermen looking for online apprentices
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Old fishermen looking for online apprentices
Video Mermetosvane - fixing of fishing nets

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