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Музейната лекция на 15 декември в Бургас разказва за обичая Полазване
Сряда, 12 Дек 2018 - Глобално
The educational program of RHM Burgas "Explore Burgas and Burgas region" continues this Saturday, December 15, with a lecture dedicated to the folk feast Ignazhden and the activities connected with it in Strandzha. Lecturer will be the curator of the Ethnographic exposition Krasimira Dubarova.

In the Bulgarian folklore calendar (Ignazhden) is very close to the winter solstice. This has caused the idea that from Ignazhden begins the New Year and the Christmas holidays to be widespread among the old Bulgarians The most typical for this feast is the custom of Polazvane. On this day, it is most important what kind of person is going to enter the house first, and that's how it will be during the year.

The public lectures are every Saturday at 11.30 h. in the renovated Natural History Museum in Burgas (30, K. Fotinov Str.) The entrance fee is preferential - for adults 2 BGN and for students and pensioners - 1 BGN.
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