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28 Mar

Annunciation in the Ethnographic Museum

On Annunciation in the Ethnographic Museum a colourful and interesting exhibition under the name "Doll and tradition" was opened. The museum yard filled up with lively participants who came to take part on this small spring festival dedicated to the Christian holiday Annunciation - the most wholesome day of the year. On this day it is good to get up earlier, to do something good. The sun always has an award for the hard-working. The swallow brings news that winter is over and the cuckoo, hidden throughout the year, hooks from the morning. On Annunciation, even the wounds are not hurting, that’s why little girls get their ears punched right on that day. A cake with honey is prepared and given out. If pumpkins and watermelons are planted on Annunciation, they will become very sweet. Fairies leave their distant homes and interacting with people. Bears start moving in the forest and bathe in the river. Excitement arises in nature and among men and the sunny mood must be shared.
Children from the community center "Suglasie 1905" led by Veselka Yordanova, some of whom are authors of the exhibited dolls, came from the district Bulgarovo. Their idea everyone to paint own doll in an improvised studio was enthusiastically adopted by the fifth-graders from School St. Cyril and Methodius - Burgas, led by their art teacher Tanya Stoyanova. Students learned more about the folk beliefs and rituals associated with Annunciation and received a souvenir - postcards with exhibits from the Ethnographic Museum.

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