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23 Jun

Enyovden in the Ethnographic museum of Burgas

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With colorful celebration for young and old, the team of the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas will surprise citizens and tourists tomorrow 24.06.2014 from 11:00.

Participants in the summer celebration will create together in the museum yard (Burgas, 69 Slavyanska St.) a large wreath of wild flowers and everyone will be able to go through it three times for health and prosperity.

The celebration will continue with reconstruction of parts of the traditional ritual Enyova bulya (Enyo's bride), as the children from the summer ecoschool of the Natural-History Museum "Adventure in the Museum" will create flowers from felt.

[url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=ethno&lang=en&page=encyc&enc=rituals&pgno=3&eid=57]Enyovden [/url]is a folk festival, which is being celebrated on the 24th of June – the day of solstice, also considered as the Christian holiday of St. John the Baptist. In the basis of the celebration is implicated a pagan cult towards the sun and thundering. On Enyovden when the sun is at its highest, youngsters and elders roll for health on the dewy meadows and fairies chant spells with magical herbs. The traditional Enyov’s wreath is made out of 77 herbs and a half and walk under to invoke health and good fortune. [url=http://www.burgasmuseums.bg/index.php?tab=ethno&lang=en&page=encyc&enc=rituals&pgno=3&eid=57]Learn more about this Bulgarian folk tradition >>[/url]
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