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26 Sep

European night of Science 2012 in Burgas

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For the third consecutive year, the Regional Historical Museum - Burgas is a partner of the Medical University Plovdiv and participate in the European Researchers' Night. Other partner involved in the Night of the researchers in Burgas is Burgas Free University Burgas.
The focus of the initiative is in line with the European Year for Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations.


On 09/28/2012 16:30, BFU entrance

On 09/28/2012 16:45, BFU entrance

Fencing as a sport for all ages - from 5 to 75. Academy "Vasil Etropolski" will demonstrate the benefits of this active "academic" and "heart" sport for active aging.

On 09/28/2012 17:00, BFU entrance

Presentation of businesses related to the health system and active aging, started by elder people.

On 09/28/2012 17:15, BFU entrance

Presentation of traditions and customs in Burgas Region.
Regional Historical Museum - Burgas with Community center "Prosveta", Lyulyakovo will demonstrate the pre-wedding ritual "Medenik" - preparing a cake, which puts the real beginning of the traditional Bulgarian wedding. Three generations from the village of Lyulyakovo will perform together, manifesting the transmission of traditions and the blending of two families.

On 09/28/2012 18:00, BFU Library

Creative conversation about attitudes to aging in different cultures and eras.
Premier of the documentary "International Study of soaring birds - Burgas 2011" one of the great phenomena of nature - bird migration. The film tells the story of 30-year tradition of transmission among ornithologists whose children are now grown new birds researchers.
Regional Historical Museum - Burgas



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