With a feather and a piece of paper by the rakia pot

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07 Nov

With a feather and a piece of paper by the rakia pot

Regional Historical Museum - Burgas continues the presentation of the Bulgarian intangible cultural heritage. After the successful program of the museum related to the ethno cuisine and the preparation of authentic traditional dishes, now we intend to make a demonstration of the preparation of one of the most valuable products for the Bulgarian - grape brandy.
This drink is a legendary work of the Bulgarian family. The fact that it was mainly used to heal and unburden the body mainly after hard physical work, and its use for the purpose of complete intoxication was not so mass phenomenon, at least for older times, arouses curiosity. The consumption of brandy among the Bulgarians is a fact documented as early as the end of the 14th century in a note by the Turkish commander Lala Shahin. Today, some scholars consider this information a late forgery, but some do not accept this claim. A few years ago the famous Bulgarian archaeologist prof. Konstantin Totev discovered in the royal citadel of Trapezitsa a fragment of a ceramic vessel with an inscription according to which the owner drank "rakinya". In Western Europe at that time distilled alcohol was sold mainly in pharmacies as medicine. However, it was banned in some German towns because men were very fond of overmedicating themselves with it.
RHM Burgas invites you to attend a demonstration of the technological process of brewing brandy on Friday, November 10, at 11:00 am.
A home-made brandy cauldron will be used. However, due to the very peculiarities of the Bulgarian legislation, no jibes will be brewed, because in that case we fall under the law and risk a serious fine, although the whole event is for demonstration purposes, not for brewing and consumption or sale of the product.
Known and not so known facts about rakia will be presented.
At the same time, we invite representatives of the Burgas Poets Society to attend the demonstration, and to do a "blitz" of poetry. The works will be printed by RHM Burgas in a separate booklet. We intend to make this an annual collection, and hope that the brewing of brandy will awaken the Kaliopa in the souls of the poets and become a stimulus for inspired poetry each fall in the museum courtyard.
RHM Burgas provides brandy, coffee, and appetizers for the poets during their work.
We look forward to seeing you!



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