A new documentary tells about the history of Burgas during the Balkan War

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26 Oct

A new documentary tells about the history of Burgas during the Balkan War

The new documentary book "Burgas fortified during the Balkan War 1912 - 1913" by author and compiler Yana Ivanova - historian in RHM-Burgas, was presented yesterday at the Cultural Center Sea Casino in Burgas. At the same time, valuable original documents were presented to the general public, arranged in an exhibition related to the history of our city from the beginning of the 20th century. The publication presents a remarkable biography of Major Hristo Popov, assistant commandant of the checkpoint in this period and tells about the creation and functioning of the military formation. Data on the defense sections along the guarded coast, the names of their commanders and their constituent parts are published. Tables of the Headquarters of the checkpoint, the available staff and armament are presented.

The historian Prof. Svetlozar Eldarov from the Institute of Balkan Studies with a Center for Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences spoke about the most interesting highlights that stand out in the monograph. He stressed that the newly exported data are extremely valuable.

"This book is significant in the first place for the history of Burgas. This is a whole new chapter, which has so far been absent from the official history of the city and other historical research, "said Prof. Eldarov.
The director of RHM-Burgas, Dr. Milen Nikolov, told how the publication of the security came about. He stressed that the published information is a completely new and unknown historical source.
Among all the documents in the archives of Hristo Popov, read and published in the book, stands out his "Diary of the military actions of the assistant commander of the Burgas fortified post." It mentions various interesting circumstances. Among them are the bombing of the lighthouse on Cape Emine, the landing at Media, the appearance of the Turkish fleet around the Bulgarian coast. A curious point is the description of the appearance of the torpedoes from the attack of the fleet against "Hamidie" on the shores of St. Nikola (now Chernomorets) on November 13, 1912.
In addition to details about the organization and conduct of purely military events, the book also tells details about life in the city, such as celebrations of various holidays, the fight against epidemics, information about the port, the state of the sea with ice on the shores and storms. of winter storms, for the railway station and many other interesting facts.

The author of the book, Yana Ivanova, shared the difficulties she encountered in her work and thanked the people and institutions that helped her to successfully implement her project. "While reading the documentation, I was impressed by the scale of what happened in Burgas during that period," said Yana Ivanova. She expressed her desire to continue her research on the subject.

A copy of the book can be purchased in the museum shop of the Historical Museum at 31 Lermontov Street. The exhibition also includes an exhibition of original documents, on the basis of which the book was created.

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