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12 May

Program for the European Night of Museums 2016 in Burgas

This year we celebrate the Night of Museums on May 21 - Saturday.
Since 2005 the European Night of Museums is held around the International Museum Day - May 18. Traditionally, museums and galleries open their doors to all who want to explore their expositions in the late hours. Entrance to the event is free from 18:00 until 24:00 hour.
Burgas Museum is among the first in Bulgaria to join the initiative for open doors in the European Night of Museums. This year again we have prepared a varied program of exhibitions, which will be presented for the first time to the Burgas audience.

<B> 18:00 hour, Archaeological museum</b> (21 Al. Bogoridi St.) opening of the exhibition:
"Lukovit treasure" - guest exhibition from Regional Historical Museum - Lovech
"The memory of Greater Bulgaria: Treasure of Khan Kubrat from Malaya Pereshchepina" - visiting exhibition of the National Museum of History - Sofia
"The golden jewellery of the Thracian priestess Leseskepra"

<B> 18:15 hour, Festive program of City Brass Band Burgas</ b> in front of the Archaeological museum

<B> 18:30 hour, Historical museum</b> (31 Lermontov St.)
Opening of the latest exposition of the Regional Historical Museum Burgas "Wall of letters. Ancient writing systems" Presents 11 writing systems that laid the foundation of the world scripting tradition: Cuneiform, Ancient Egypt and Chinese hieroglyphics, Brahmi, Runic, Phoenician, Greek, Latin and Arabic alphabets. Widely represented are the Bulgarian alphabets Glagolitic and Cyrillic underlying the writing systems of Slavic people.

<B> 18:45 hour, Folklore program </b> in the tyard of the Ethnographic museum

<B> 19:00 hour, Ethnographic museum (69 Slavyanska St.) </b>, opening of the exhibition
"Wood comes to life - zoomorphic motives in artistic woodworking from Troyan" - guest exhibition from the Museum of crafts and applied arts Troyan

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